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Adventure OTS cruise, Saint John, New Brunswick Day 7

Windy today and all outer decks are closed.  Seas and ship are smooth, just windy. Mostly Sunny with 10C (50F). Saint John arrival was around 1:30pm.  All aboard time will remain as scheduled at 6:30pm since the area is tidal and we must time our departure to avoid low tide.

 This path is part of The Great Trail, also known as the Trans Canada Trail that reaches from coast to coast and is some 24,000 km long (15,000 miles).

 The Bay of Fundy has the greatest tidal changes of anywhere in the world.

 The current in the river, still flowing the wrong way, was very strong and distinct.  Small whirlpools formed and disappeared.  It was very mesmerizing to watch.

 The Captain and crew having lunch now that we're in port.
Lunch in the windjammer before heading out to Reversing Falls

 A beer at Rocky's watching the Steelers win.
 Sunset from the diamond lounge

The entertainment tonight was the worlds only legal pickpocket, Bob Arno. It was amazing to watch him pickpocket people and take off their ties or belts and they didn't even realize he was doing it. He showed a short video from Barcelona, Spain to illustrate the tricks the thieves over there use; beware of lost tourists with maps, girls with scarves, groups of girls, and mothers with fake babies in a fake arm.

Total cruise distance so far,  1,527 Nautical Miles.
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