Adventure OTS cruise - Bar Harbor, Maine Day 8

Arrival in port at 7am however we have to be processed by U.S. Customs and Immigration and this is a tender port. We anchored near 7am but a letter dropped in our cabin stated to be in the MDR on deck 5 at 7:45am based on our deck.  Non-U.S. Citizens were instructed to go to the Imperial Lounge for processing.  Permanent residents were to go to the MDR with U.S. Citizens

Today was a long day in port, form 7am to 6:30 pm at 13C (55F), with winds up to 29mph. It was partly cloudy in the morning, and rain showers moving in around 2 pm.

We had to tender by using local boats to get to Bar Harbor. Here is the first one bringing the ramps.

Sunrise in Bar Harbor, ME
 We brought our bikes to shore and it was simple on the tender boat, they let us hang in back with the bikes, first one and first off.

Once on land again we had intended to get an Uber to the top of Cadillac mountain and ride our bikes down. But there were no Uber drivers and the taxis wanted tour groups not to give one way rides to the top of the mountain. So we opted to lock up the bikes and took an hour tour on Ollie's Trolleys for $25 each. They drove us up to the top of  Cadillac mountain and told us the history of the area.
1763 French Indian war, in 1688 Antionne Cadillac was an original landowner in New France. Bar Harbor is a 108 sq mile island, second largest in area behind Long Island.

 Acadia National Park, home of Cadillac Mountain
 View of RCL Adventure of the Seas just off of Bar Harbor, from Cadillac Mountain
 Scott, Mark, Kathy, Marie, Chrissy at the top of Cadillac Mountain
 On the Top of Cadillac Mountain - Mark, Kathy, Marie, Chrissy, Joel
 Our full dinner group - Mark, Chrissy, Joel, Jan, Scott, Mark, Kathy, Marie
 The bar in Bar Harbor, its a sand bar
 A nice Halloween decoration
 Pano on the top of Cadillac mountain
 Biking on the Shore Path along coast, Grant Park and Agamont Park.
 A lobster roll from the Deli, only $16.95
 This Pedego shop rents our electric bikes which could make it up the mountain on the carriage roads, only $59 for 4 hours. They have a tandem to rent too! 
 We stopped at the Stadium Pub for a $6 draft of Blueberry Maine craft beer. Yum!

We got back on the ship before the rain picked up and enjoyed another evening in the Diamond Lounge. We talked Arnold and his friend Barbara, they hail from Toronto on their way to Marco Island for the winter. He was 91 years old and quite the character, offered us a ride in his Bentley which is being shipped to Florida.
 The Motown show was our evening entertainment "Marcus Terrell & the Serenades".

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