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How to Get in Shape Without Going Broke

It often seems that in order to get in shape you need to spend a lot of money on equipment, personal fitness trainers, a nutritionist, health food, and a gym membership.

The fact is that it doesn't have to be this way. You can lose weight, get fit, and improve how you look and feel without spending a fortune in the process. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

1. Do home workouts – The biggest fitness expense you are likely to have is your monthly gym membership. This is a regular payment that you make whether you visit the gym or not.

I have nothing against gyms, but lately I've been doing all my workouts at home. I'm saving money each and every month because I don't go to the gym. You can do fantastic workouts at home or outdoors. A gym is not a must.

2. Stick to basic equipment – You may be tempted to buy the latest ab gadget that you see on TV or imagine that a treadmill in your home is all you need to get in shape. However, you don't really need fancy or expensive equipment to get in shape. You can do cardio outdoors and all you need to do powerful home workouts are some dumbbells, a stability ball and a workout mat, neither of which should prove too expensive.

3. Stick to fresh food – The notion that health food must be expensive is a myth. Often, buying processed and industrialized food is more expensive than fresh food and provides less nutritional value. I recommend sticking to fresh produce and simple foods to both save money and lose weight.

4. Forget about equipment entirely – The simplest way to get fit without going broke is to do bodyweight workouts. Your body is the best weight that you'll ever own and you can do complex and effective exercises using it as resistance. You may need to spend a little money on learning how to train with your bodyweight effectively (I recommend the Shapeshifter Body Redesign Pm lan) but other than that it is a totally free way to get in shape.

I hope these tips help you see how easy it is to get in shape in an affordable and sustainable way. Now it's time for you to take action.

Jonathan Dunsky is a writer for a World Of Diets, a site dedicated to helping men and women get fit in a healthy way.
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