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Tampa Bay Lightning 2021-2022 "We Win You Win" Promotions

#1 ChickFilA Sandwich - When the Lightning win a home game, open the Chick-fil-A app after the final buzzer. You’ll have until midnight to claim a free chicken sandwich or biscuit. You then use your mobile app to get the freebie the next day at most Tampa area Chick-fil-A locations. If you have location services turned off, you may not get the deal because it’s exclusive to Tampa Bay fans. Also there are times when the freebie doesn’t pop up in those first 30 minutes.

Now a personal tip – since this freebie is in your app, place your full order with the app, pay with it and opt for in store pickup. Lines in the drive thru are always long, but they can get cray cray long the day after a Lightning home game. Just walk in the store and pick up your order without the wait!

#2 Culvers Value Basket - Show your ticket (on your phone) or printed voucher at a Kane’s store within a week of a game where the Lightning scored at least 3 goals. You’ll get a coupon for either a value basket or a concrete mixer. If you didn’t go to the game, you can get the offer at Kanes3Goals.com

#3 Papa Johns 50% off  - you get a half price pizza at Papa John’s when the Lightning win – home or away. The day after a win, use the promo code BOLTSW in their app or on their website to get the deal.

#4 Wendys - Even if it’s not a home game, if the Lightning score 4 goals or more, you get a free Double Stack burger at Wendy’s. For this one, just show the tweet or facebook post from the Lightning from the point in the game when the Bolts scored their 4th goal. The offer also works if the Lightning get the shut out.

MInnesota State Fair **NEW FOODS***

 Yum! I clicked on this Minnesota State Fair New Foods and there are a ton of great looking and I imagine great tasting new foods this year. Every year we make the trek across the nation to attend the State Fair, and this year is no exception.  The Fair is from August 26 through Sept 6, 2021. 

Tampa Bay Rays & Tijuana Flats Kanesstrikeout 2021 #Promotion

Well the Kanes 10 strikeouts is back! The first home game is Friday, April 9th against the Yankees.

If the Tampa Bay Rays get 10 or more strikeouts during a HOME GAME, you'll get 1 FREE taco, chips & a medium fountain drink from a participating TIJUANA FLATS. Participating locations: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ft. Myers, Naples, Orlando, Daytona, Gainsville & Ocala Florida Markets. No purchase necessary. 

WITHIN 5 DAYS of the 10 strikeout home game, bring in one of these qualifying items to any Kane's Showroom and get a FREE Tijuana Flats coupon:
Ticket Stub
Seat Locator Receipt (for Flex Pack Cardholders)
Web voucher from www.KanesStrikeOut.com (printed or on phone)

 IMPORTANT: Limit one coupon per person, per web voucher, per game. For seat locator receipt or ticket stubs, you may receive up to (4) coupons given that all seats are together. You must be 18 years of age & you must redeem your ticket stub/receipt/web voucher at Kane’s within 
5 days of the 10 strikeout home game date.  No purchase necessary. Participating Florida locations, see coupon for details.


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Intuitive Eating Frugal

When I was a child I had hoarder tendencies. With food. My mom would buy some donuts or cookies and keep them in the bread box for everyone in the family to eat. But my older brother, and younger sister have no restraint and would eat them all within a day. I would maybe get one to eat, before they were gone. I liked to savor and enjoy the chewy sweetness, one small bite by bite. But if I wanted to have more to eat another day, I would have to hide the sweet treat where it was out of reach for the hungry paws of my siblings. I mentally calculated what my portion would be among our family of five, and stash it somewhere no one would find it, like in a box of rice or empty cookie jar in the cupboard. I don't think I ever forgot where something was stashed, and I don't really remember if it was ever found out and disappeared before I could eat it, but it probably happened.

Anyway, I still like to savor my favorite foods and consume them in many sittings. I have a lot of self control and actually prefer to enjoy my treat foods many times. I find that all I need or want is a few bites and the pleasure never diminishes. When you eat what you really want, the pleasure you derive will be a powerful force in helping you feel satisfied and content. ⁣⁣Little did I know this is called Intuitive Eating. Eating foods you enjoy and that feels good, is a way to connect with your body more deeply. ⁣⁣
To practice this principle, I invite you to ask yourself: ⁣What do I really want to eat? Think about what is available to you where you are now. Do you want savory, salty, sweet, protein, spicy or mild? ⁣What food would hit the spot at this moment?⁣ How do I want to feel when I finish eating?⁣⁣

MLB Grapefruit League 2020 Spring Training Schedule

Grapefruit League 2020 Baseball Spring Training

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