Intuitive Eating Frugal

When I was a child I had hoarder tendencies. With food. My mom would buy some donuts or cookies and keep them in the bread box for everyone in the family to eat. But my older brother, and younger sister have no restraint and would eat them all within a day. I would maybe get one to eat, before they were gone. I liked to savor and enjoy the chewy sweetness, one small bite by bite. But if I wanted to have more to eat another day, I would have to hide the sweet treat where it was out of reach for the hungry paws of my siblings. I mentally calculated what my portion would be among our family of five, and stash it somewhere no one would find it, like in a box of rice or empty cookie jar in the cupboard. I don't think I ever forgot where something was stashed, and I don't really remember if it was ever found out and disappeared before I could eat it, but it probably happened.

Anyway, I still like to savor my favorite foods and consume them in many sittings. I have a lot of self control and actually prefer to enjoy my treat foods many times. I find that all I need or want is a few bites and the pleasure never diminishes. When you eat what you really want, the pleasure you derive will be a powerful force in helping you feel satisfied and content. ⁣⁣Little did I know this is called Intuitive Eating. Eating foods you enjoy and that feels good, is a way to connect with your body more deeply. ⁣⁣
To practice this principle, I invite you to ask yourself: ⁣What do I really want to eat? Think about what is available to you where you are now. Do you want savory, salty, sweet, protein, spicy or mild? ⁣What food would hit the spot at this moment?⁣ How do I want to feel when I finish eating?⁣⁣

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