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Frugal Jury Duty

So today's the day I do my civic duty and attend jury duty. I called last night to see if I was one of the excused jurers but no luck, no one was excused early. Its been a while since I've served jury duty, a couple years. In the meantime, the county of Hillsborough, FL has a new upgraded courthouse and of course wonderful new jury accomodations. I remember that jury duty can be a long day waiting around without much to do. But no more. They have wonderful tables and carrolls with 2 plug ins each, plus free wifi for the laptop or cell phone, or itouch. Its unsecured but I won't have to use my sprint phone as a modem which I was prepared to do.
Anyway, here's how to prepare for a frugal day of jury duty.
  • Last night I froze a 1/2 bottle of water and then this morning filled it the up with water so I have some ice water throughout the day. Although, I may have to sneak it since no food or drink is allowed in the jury auditorium.
  • I brought a cooler sleeve and packed my frozen water bottle to act as my ice pack to keep my Diet Mt Dew cold until lunch.
  • I brought a Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer meal from my stockpile. I've never had them but I think all I have to do is add water and microwave, and eat with my spoon. (No metal forks allowed in the building). I haven't seen a microwave yet, but I'm sure this place has one.
  • I brought my laptop, a book and a newspaper, plus an ipod shuffle and ipod nano so 1000 songs ought to get me through the day. Although now, I'm listening to the online WMNF 88.5 my favorite morning show, public radio.
  • Brought a sweater in case it gets cool in here.
So, here's to hoping I don't get picked. I never have because I know the right answers.
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