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How to "LIKE" on Facebook, But Avoid Updates

We are constantly inundated with advertising and ads, and emails, and texts, and messages - all day long. Therefore, it's important to filter out electronic messages that we don't need to see everyday. Many times you'll want to sign up for something on Facebook and it requires you to click the LIKE button to see the deal. But, you may want to keep your facebook news feed clean of non friend posts, so you don't click the LIKE button and your favorite vendor or FB page doesn't get the LIKE which increases their chances of getting promoted and distributed according to Facebooks weird popularity alogarithm.
You may not know that you can still LIKE your favorite FB page and avoid the updates by simply hovering over the LIKE button to get a small popup window, just click to remove the check mark in front of "Show in news feed" (see photo). This way you can support your FB page with out frequent updates, and you can check on your own when you want to see new stuff on their page.

Introducing "Our Lyme Life"

This weekend we launched a new Facebook Page and Website for Scotts daughter Rachel and her family who are suffering from #Lyme Disease. Our goal is to gain followers and spread awareness of their situation.
Their family story will be posted on the blog in the next couple days and is now outlined on the FB page. One of the most important things you can do to help right now is to follow and share clicks and if you personally know Rachel and Tim, leave a comment too.
How to follow (Its free - how about that!!)
Facebook - Our Lyme Life
Twitter - @OurLymeLife
Thanks for your support!

My Publix Trip - Spent $6.20, Saved $140

When we received the sweetbay coupon in the mailer weekly ad, I started planning a big enough trip to be able to use it. I also know that last month when this coupon was available I was turned down at all stores because my total was never over $50 after coupons. So, I messaged Publix on facebook and asked them to confirm that they considers coupons a form of tender and not a discount. Here's what I asked: 
Hi Publix - I just received a new ad from Sweetbay that has a $10 off $50 coupon that states "minimum required purchase amount of $50 after all discounts are applied". Can you please clarify that to use this competitor coupon in Publix the total must be $50 before coupons and not after coupons, since coupons are a form of tender? I hate the drama at the cash register when no one agrees on how this is interpreted and I don't want to use it incorrectly. Thanks

On January 30, 2013 6:23:04 AM PST, Publix wrote:

Hi, Marie. You are correct. "Discounts" does not refer to coupons, as they are a form of tender. So, you may use this coupon as long as your total reaches $50.00 AFTER all other discounts, but not after all coupons have been taken off. Hope this helps! ≈ Kandi
So, if you want to use this coupon, I would recommend messaging them so you have their response right on your smartphone with you in the store. I clarified the situation before I shopped and they wanted to deny it at the store, but the store manager finally agreed to let me use it and signed his approval. It is pretty obvious they don't want to do it, and I told him I didn't care what he did for others, but that I would be glad to call the district manager if he required further confirmation.
Anyway, I did a pretty big shop with heavy stuff since we were in the car and not one the motorcycles. I decided to turn in my grapefruit juice and grapefruit to pay for the soda. I also had a couple coupons that expired 12/31/12 and this store accepts expired MQs for 30 days, so I had to use them up. I've heard there are peelies out there for free eggs wyb al fresco sausages, but I didn't see any. My total was higher than I thought it should be at $6.20, and when I reviewed my receipt I noticed they missed a $2 coupon, and then I noticed the Qtips charged $2.75 rather than the shelf price of $2.65. So, I'll have to go back and get an adjustment. So, my shopping list doesn't match my actual shop, but its close.
I spent $6.20 and saved $140.66, saving 96%.

31-Jan 56   145.15 53.25 91.30 tax 5.34 46 -96.32%
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q 4.74 total Q# Q details
avocado 4 1.00 4.00       4.00    
green pepper 1 1.58 1.58       1.58    
bananas 2 0.35 0.70       0.70    
Breakstone sour cream BOGO 2 2.45 4.90 2.45 2.00   0.45 2 EXP 1/1 MQ
SB Milk 1/2 gal 2 3.25 6.50   3.25   3.25 1 EXP BOGO MQ
Al Fresco chick saus  BOGO 2 3.49 6.98 3.49 2.00   1.49 1 $2/2 MQ print
Eckrich smkd saus BOGO 2 2.99 5.98 2.99 1.10   1.89 2 $0.55/1 MQ print
Qtips 1 2.75 2.75   1.05 0.18 1.88 1 $0.30/1 MQ + 0.75/1 TQ print
grapefruit 5lbs 5 3.49 17.45   34.90   -17.45 10 RCfree PQ ad + free MQ tearpd
OS grapefruit juice BOGO RC 10 2.99 29.90 14.95 20.00 1.94 -3.11 10 RC BOGO + $2/1 MQ print
Birds Eye Veg Froz 50% off 4 2.37 9.48 4.74 4.00   0.74 4 $1/1 MQ print
Pillsbury Pie Crust 1 1.00 1.00       1.00    
Suave Lotion BOGO 8 2.39 19.12 9.56 8.00 1.24 2.80 8 $1/1 MQ print
Frenches Mustard Dip Sauce 4 1.00 4.00   3.00   1.00 4 $0.75/1 MQ 1-6ss
Diet Mt Dew 12 pk B2G2 4 5.29 21.16 10.58   1.38 11.96    
Nabisco Wheat Thins BOGO 2 4.49 8.98 4.49 2.00   2.49 2 $1/1 MQ print
Publix drinking water 1 gal 1 0.67 0.67       0.67    
Sweetbay $10 off $50 1 0.00 0.00   10.00   -10.00 1 $10/50 swt by weekly ad


Is Your Phone Number Posted on Facebook? Probably.

In an article by the guardian Uploads from iPhones using the Facebook app will push all your contacts onto Facebook's servers - where they'll be matched against any and everyone. Worried at all?
Facebook: contains more phone numbers than meet the eye
If you have a friend on Facebook who has used the iPhone app version to access the site, then it's very possible that your private phone numbers - and those of lots of your and their friends - are on the site.
The reason: Facebook's "Contact Sync" feature, which synchronises your friends' Facebook profile pictures with the contacts in your phone.
Except that it doesn't do that on your phone. Oh no. Because that would be wrong, to pull the photos down from Facebook and put them on your phone. That would breach Facebook's terms of service.
Instead, what Facebook's app does it that it imports all the names and phone numbers you have on your (smart)phone, uploads them to Facebook's Phonebook app (got a Facebook account? Here's your Phonebook).
Pause for a moment and go and look at it. Did you know those numbers? Did you collect them? Despite the reassuring phrase there - "Facebook Phonebook displays contacts you have imported from your phone, as well as your Facebook friends" - it's absolutely not true. I know because there are numbers there which I don't have. OK, perhaps the people who own them added them; but that's not clear either. So how did they get there? Because it only takes one person to upload another person's number, and the implication is that it's going to be shared around everywhere.
The implications are huge, and extremely worrying. All it takes is for someone's Facebook account to be hacked (perhaps via their phone being stolen) and lots of personal details are revealed.
Kurt von Moos, who first wrote about this earlier this year (since when Facebook has revised its privacy statement, but not altered what goes on in this way) says that there are a number of reasons to be concerned. As he puts it:
"1) Facebook doesn't warn users that they are uploading their phone's adress book to Facebook. In fact, because Facebook doesn't sync contact numbers or email addresses TO your phone, most users wrongly assume that Facebook Contact Sync only syncs user pictures. In reality though, they are pumping your address book, without your consent."
Facebook says you can remove your mobile contacts, but it's not clear that that will remove your mobile if someone else uploads it.
von Moos continues:
"2) Phone numbers are private and valuable. Most people who have entrusted you with their phone numbers assume you will keep them private and safe. If you were to ask your friends, family or co-workers if they are ok with you uploading their private phone numbers to be cross-referenced with other Facebook users, how many of them do you think would be ok with it?"
He also points to even more egregious problems: (a) can you be sure how Facebook, or its advertisers or partners or whatever it becomes down the line, will use that data? (b) why is it that Facebook takes all your mobile numbers, rather than matching names of contacts with names of friends? (c) sometimes, it gets the matches wrong - and incorrect (or faked) data that people have given to Facebook as their "contact" details (such as hotels or businesses) gets linked as being a "friend", or the lack of an international dialling prefix messes up the match, and means again that someone who you don't know is identified as a "friend" or contact.
von Moos concludes: "There are some contacts and phone numbers who's privacy I simply refuse to risk on the Web. Facebook has taken and continues to take liberties on behalf of their users. Their perception of privacy and their users perception of privacy is often very different. I don't think this is maliciousness on Facebook's part, but it does show me that Facebook is painfully out of touch with the needs and beliefs of their CORE users, who are still wary of the openness that a Web 2.0 lifestyle entails."
It's not clear whether the official Facebook for Android app does the same. We'd be interested to hear from you if you've noticed this with the app.
So - beware: Facebook quite probably has your details. More of them, in fact, than you might have thought.
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