How to "LIKE" on Facebook, But Avoid Updates

We are constantly inundated with advertising and ads, and emails, and texts, and messages - all day long. Therefore, it's important to filter out electronic messages that we don't need to see everyday. Many times you'll want to sign up for something on Facebook and it requires you to click the LIKE button to see the deal. But, you may want to keep your facebook news feed clean of non friend posts, so you don't click the LIKE button and your favorite vendor or FB page doesn't get the LIKE which increases their chances of getting promoted and distributed according to Facebooks weird popularity alogarithm.
You may not know that you can still LIKE your favorite FB page and avoid the updates by simply hovering over the LIKE button to get a small popup window, just click to remove the check mark in front of "Show in news feed" (see photo). This way you can support your FB page with out frequent updates, and you can check on your own when you want to see new stuff on their page.
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