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Welcome Springtime!

The rain started in the middle of the morning and will likely continue until dusk. The warm weather in the 60's and the gentle rain are a perfect way to celebrate Spring. Today is the first day of the best season of the year. It is a time of renewal, growth and cleansing for our mother Earth and if we choose, it can be a renewal time for us as well. Are there resolutions or habits or desires you have, but have not attempted this year? Are there projects or tasks that need to be taken care of - those important but not urgent things in your life?
Now is the time to start. Just baby steps. Investigate your options. Jot down a plan. Make a list. Next, check it out with research - make that phone call or search online for your answers. Its really not that hard to get things accomplished if you take small steps.
Now, get going.

Get Ready For Spring

Get ready for Spring with some great samples, coupons and recipes HERE. I know officially spring began this past weekend, but it sure doesn't feel like it here in Tampa. The cold, foggy mornings remind me of Christmas time. I don't think its been 80F for about 6 months. Maybe, just maybe its around the corner.
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Spring Ahead

Don't forget that Saturday night you need to Spring Forward and change the time on your clock ahead one hour at 2:00 am (or earlier). It will be nice to have longer, sunny days again.
If you have kids, you might want to ease the time adjustment by putting them to bed at least 15 minutes earlier starting tonight and tomorrow so you avoid the drama Sunday or Monday morning when they feel like you're waking them up at 3am.
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