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How To Transfer Your Domain Name From Google Blogger (Enom) To GoDaddy

If you created your blog on Blogger and let them set up your domain, you probably have this same situation. Last month my domain name was due for renewal from Bloggers' chosen registrant ENOM. Enom will only renew for one year at a time, and you have to pay through Google Wallet. There is no account you can access to change any settings for preferences, so it is what it is.
In order to pay my $10 domain registration renewal fee, Google first wanted my social security number and a copy of my Driver License or Passport. WTF. Not. They already had my credit card, but that wasn't good enough, apparently. So, I decided to extricate myself out of the Google sandbox a little bit.

Anyway, here is how to transfer your domain name to another registrar, I picked Godaddy.
  • Once you have determined you have Enom as your registrar by either reading it in your past renewal or the email telling you a renewal is upcoming, you need to go to and enter your domain name. Leave the password field blank (because you don't know yours) and Click Login. Then the screen will refresh and give you the option to have your password emailed to you. It will be emailed to the account where the domain is registered.
  • Once you receive your password in your email, you need to send an email request to unlock your account, and to get an authorization number to transfer to another registrar. Send the email to and include your password as proof you own the account.
  • Later that same day, Enom will email you with an authorization number after they have unlocked your account.
  • Now get a Godaddy promo code to get a discount on your domain transfer, google search to find a code. My domain only cost $2.49 for a year with a code I found for Godaddy.
  • Log into or create a Godaddy account, and under Products one of the choices is domain transfer. Enter your name, and pay the transfer fee and wait for them to send you an email. Make sure to use the same email account you had with Enom.
  • In your email from Godaddy they will send you an ID and security code. You also have your authorization email from Enom. These are needed to take the next step. This probably will happen right away the same day.
  • In your Godaddy account, click "Authorize Transfer" and enter your authorization code from Enom, your ID and security code from Godaddy. Click Launch. Now wait.
  • Wait 7 days for the email that says your domain has been transfered. Your site will continue to be live. When you get the transfer confirmation, you will need to log into Godaddy again and change your DNS nameservers so that your domain is pointed to the blogger host. If you are not comfortable doing this sort of thing, just call Godaddy and their techical support staff will know how and talk you through the whole thing.
  • The new nameservers can be found on google, but they are
  • Wait up to another 48 hours for this change to take effect. Your site may be down or not found during this time. I know that is a scarry thing, but you'll live.
I was kind of a hassle to go through this, but I feel it was worth it to be able to control my domain name and renew for several years too. I'm certainly not experienced in domain stuff, so if I can do it, you can too.

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