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Adventure OTS cruise - Halifax, Nova Scotia Day 6

Today was a Saturday in Halifax and there was a nice sunrise at 7:27am. We were in port today from 7am to 3:30pm and it would be a mostly cloudy day with temps of 11C (52F) with winds at 17 mph. One of our better days

 Halifax is another old Canadian city with lots of history.  It was the birth place of Samuel Cunard whose parents immigrated here in 1783.  As a businessman he formed a steamship line that would later be known as the Cunard Line sailing from Liverpool, England.
Our plan was to ride bikes to the ferry and cross the river to Dartmouth, and then ride the trans Canada trail to Fishermans Cove. It was a long and hilly ride, with us clocking in over 15 miles for the day on our one speed folding bikes. My chain came off on the way up a hill because I hadn't tightened my back wheel enough. Good planning meant we had the tools to fix and get going right away.
 On the ferry to Dartmouth across the river from Halifax. Only $2.50 to cross round trip.

The Silver Sea arrived in port after us, another RCL ship.
 The port in Dartmouth where lots of automobiles are shipped into.
 A mural along the trans Canada trail depicting Nova Scotia sports
 Fishermans Cove was quaint and quiet, mostly shut down for the season.
 End of season sales in the shops in almost every town we stopped at.
 A fishing boat in Fishermans Cove
 Lobster cages in Fishermans Cove

 Biking the Trans Canada Trail
 A fellow passenger on the ferry.
 Pumpkin patch in Halifax boardwalk area.

 More poutine today in Halifax
 Poutine was $7.95 but after taxes closer to ten dollars. Those Canadian taxes are extreme and make everything seem expensive.
A huge mushroom growing next to the bike path.
 I think we went to the evening Singers and Dancers show, but I don't have any pictures so maybe not. We did attend the battle of the sexes game show in the Imperial lounge and our table mates Joel, Mark and Mark all played in the game. It was pretty funny.
 Pop the balloon between two bodies. The girls won.

Around 6pm the Captain announced a guest was in a critical medical condition and we would need to return to Halifax to drop them off for medical attention.  We had been sailing about 2 hours already, so it set us back and we would have a late arrival in Saint Johm, New Brunswick the next day. Unfortunate but it happens, especially with the large number of elderly guests onboard.

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