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Adventure OTS cruise, Sydney Nova Scotia Sea Day 5

When we woke up and looked out the balcony, it was rainy and windy. The temperature was 12C (54F) with 35 to 40 mph winds. We also were not at a port like we should have been. At 8am sharp the Captain made an announcement. The Pier was closed. Port officials offered anchorage which didn't make sense.  We gain a sea day and plan to keep our scheduled call into Halifax tomorrow. As the remnants of Hurricane Michael approach us we are expecting 35-40 mph winds and 12' seas but with our slower speed towards Halifax the Captain predicts very little ship movement.

Noon update from the Captain.   Not much has changed as we slowly poke along at around 10 knots. Winds are expected to reach 40-45 mph max.   Stabilizers are extended.  Seas of 12-13' expected. We were hugging the Nova Scotia coast just far enough out I'm sure to be in international water. Outer decks are closed, and barf bags have appeared on the stairwells.

I was not disappointed to miss Sydney since we didn't have a good plan. We had a rental car reserved but had canceled it due to poor weather. So we participated in some line dancing, and photo scavenger hunt. We played the photo scavenger hunt and had to find things or do things and take a picture.
 The human pyramid
 We won first place in the photo scavenger hunt, and got a RCL shopping bag for a prize.
 Barf bags in the halls today
 Relaxing day for a dip in the hot tub
 Tonight was the top tier event which we skipped since we could get drinks the in the DL. I heard it was packed. Here are the top tier numbers for our trip. The Captain said there are over 10 million Crown and Anchor members now.
Gold 685
Platinum 406
Emerald 225
Diamond 630
Diamond Plus 499
Pinnacle 78
Total on this trip: 1,838 Top Tier,  with 1,207 vying for Diamond Lounge access. 

The evening entertainment show was Karen Grainger a female impressionist and singer. She grew up in Toronto, and provided a good show.
 The storm continued to roar outside as we all partied on the ship.

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