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My Frugal Day

Being frugal is a lifestyle and it starts everyday you wake up. Here's how I live frugal
  • Make my own coffee at home, use a reusable mug and some of that free creamer from Publix.
  • Take a shower and use the free Scrubbing Bubbles to keep the new shower sparkly clean.
  • Eat some free cereal for breakfast, along with fruit, a glass of milk and a vitamin. 
  • Pack my lunch - a salad we made on the weekend, a free yogurt and a soda. Keeps me away from vending machines.
  • Pack a snack to have mid-morning
  • Ride my bicycle to work to save on gasoline, plus get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors in the morning.
  • On Mondays, say thanks to my coworkers who bring me their coupons from the Sunday paper.
  • Check the coupon blogs, RSS feeds and forums for the deals. Do a couple surveys.
  • Start planning my shopping trip to Publix on Thursday when the sneak peek comes out.
  • After work, do a secret shopper assignment, or run an errand like change the oil in the car.
  • Make dinner from the stockpile, cut or print a few coupons I'll be needing.
  • Read a book, play with the dog, go for a walk. All frugal fun.
If we're lucky, we can go all week without spending any money, except for a few bucks at the grocery store. Of course, thats the ideal. There are always the days you need to get gas for the car, or purchase something needed.
Being frugal doesn't mean you can't do anything. Many of the best and most wonderful things in the world are free. Enjoy them.
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