It's Not Working

On Friday, I confessed my addiction to couponing, and vowed to stay out of the stores until my next regular shopping day - next Thursday. Now its Sunday and I just back from Publix. I also went to Publix yesterday, and to Walmart. Between the three trips, I spent $2.86 and saved $93.51. It was great savings, but I've failed to stay away from stores.

My vow is not working. I told DH he's making it hard for me to succeed at my mission to curb this behavior. He says we "need" Benadryl itch relief sticks and if I don't use a coupon, he's going to get them anyway. What could I say?

Anyway, I guess I need to just focus on some other behavior modifications to curb this addiction. I know I'm not going to go recycling on Monday for sure. We'll see what else I come up with.
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