List of State Free Fishing Days

Alabama 6/8/13
Arkansas Noon 6/7/13 until midnight 6/9/13
Arizona 6/1/13 & 6/8/13
California 7/6/13 & 9/7/13
Colorado 6/1/13 - 6/2/13
Connecticut 5/11/2013
District of Columbia 6/1/13 - 6/9/13
Delaware 6/8/13 & 6/9/13
Florida 4/6/13 & 6/8/13 (fresh)

6/1/13 & 9/1/13 (salt)
Georgia 6/1, 6/8 & 9/28/13
Hawaii 365 days a year (marine)
Iowa 6/7/13 to 6/9/13, IA residents only
Idaho 6/8/2013
Illinois 6/7/13 to 6/10/13
Indiana 6/1/13 & 6/2/13, IN residents only
Kansas 6/1/13 & 6/2/13
Kentucky 6/1/13 & 6/2/13
Maryland 6/1, 6/8 & 7/4/13
Maine 2/16 & 2/17/13; 6/1 & 6/2/13
Michigan 2/16 & 2/17/13; 6/8 & 6/9/13
Minnesota 6/7/13 to 6-9/13, with youth
Missouri 6/8/13 to 6/9/13
Mississippi 6/1 to 6/2/13 (fresh); 7/4/213 (salt)
Montana 6/15/13 to 6/16/13
North Carolina 7/4/13
North Dakota 6/1/13 to 6/2/13, ND residents only
Nebraska 5/18/2013
New Hampshire 6/1/213
New Jersey 6/15/13 & 6/16/13
New Mexico 6/1/13 & 9/28/13
New York 6/29/13 & 6/30/13
Nevada 6/8/13
Ohio 5/4/13 & 5/5/13
Oklahoma 6/1/13 & 6/2/13
Oregon 6/1/13 & 6/2/13
Pennsylvania 5/27/13 & 7/4/13
Rhode Island 5/4/13 & 5/5/13
South Carolina 5/27/13 & 7/4/13
South Dakota 5/17/13 to 5/19/13
Tennessee 6/8/2013
Texas 6/1/213
Utah 6/8/2013
Virginia 6/7/13 to 6/9/13
Vermont 6/8/2013
Washington 6/8/13 & 6/9/13
Wisconsin 6/1/13 & 6/2/13
West Virginia 6/8/13 & 6/9/13
Wyoming 6/1/213

I Found This Wallet In The Road Today

So, as I was riding my bike to work today, I'm always scanning the road ahead to avoid hazards such as glass, nails, staples etc. If you recall, I just got a flat tire last week (almost 80 bike miles ago) so I am extra careful now. Today, I happened upon a bunch of debris, like most days but this little area had some unique and identifiable items, like a smashed cell phone, the squished battery, and a leather wallet. OOOOOOHH, maybe it has a bunch of money! We didn't obviously win the millions on Powerball last night, since I actually have to go to work still.
So, I gracefully did a U turn and scooped up the wallet and took a quick glance to see if it were really worth retrieving. Upon initial inspection I saw it had a Driver's License and a couple credit cards, a workplace door scan card and a five dollar bill. So, I tucked it into one of my pannier pockets and continued on.
During the remainder of my ride I thought about how to go about getting the wallet to the owner. I hate to admit that if there had been a lot of money, I probably would have kept the cash, but for all I know it already has been pilfered and then cast aside on the road. The five bucks was kind of hidden so the original finder probably missed it. But since recent legislation the cost of getting a new driver license is very costly, approaching a hundred bucks, so I figure the owner would appreciate that back at least. The credit cards are probably cancelled already, plus they are all broken and split from being run over by trucks at the asphalt plant right there on the roadside.
Several years ago I lost my wallet. I left my wallet on the counter at Five Guys and someone took it within a few minutes. When I realized it was gone and searched around for it, it was too late. It really sucked because I had hundreds in cash, gift cards and of course my DL and credit cards. It was a hassle to get it all straightened out plus it cost me more money, plus what I lost in the wallet. So, I always like to return things I find - if I can find the owner.
So, I know the dude's phone is smashed on the side of the road so I can't call him even if I did have his phone number. And since I'm on a data diet on my smartphone, I don't check facebook anymore or email pictures or stuff that uses data. (Actually, that's another whole story - it's killin me to go from using over 1 million MB/month down to less than 1000 MB/month!!!).
So, I googled the guys name and found out he's on Facebook. Which is blocked of course - like half the internet at work. Since DH has a secret offline stand alone extra computer for espionage, I asked him to help. So I have DH log into facebook using one of my coupon fake Facebook accounts with no personal information or friends and he left a message for the owner to call our Google voice number which will forward to my phone. I wanted to leave a post and picture on the guys FB Wall so all his friends would see someone found his lost wallet and perhaps tell him to check Facebook - but he has his Wall blocked from posts. I also figured out via google this guy is married and who his wife is, and found her phone number. I can contact her further on FB when I get home and its not blocked on my computer. They live kind of close to my office and if I get in contact they can pick up the wallet from the reception guard at my workplace.
So now it's wait and see. If I hear nothing, I might take the five bucks to pay for postage to ship it to his house.
But of course, there is a lesson to be learned in this. If someone found your wallet, would they be able to contact you and return it? Is your phone number and perhaps a phone number of a friend in your wallet - in case your phone is lost too? Maybe you could even put a note in your wallet if any one finds it that they will discover with information on how to return it to you?

Ride Your Bike Week May 13 - 17, 2013

This week is ride your bike to work week, and this coming Friday May 17, 2013 is Ride Your Bike to Work Day. So far, I've ridden my bike every day and plan to ride the rest of the week as well. The weather here in FL is beautiful, so there is no excuse not to ride. Even if you can't ride to work, you can probably ride a bike to the grocery store or the bank or the library.

Five Steps to Riding Better

1. Follow the Rules of the Road
• Ride with traffic and obey the same laws as motorists.
• Use the rightmost lane that heads in the direction that you are traveling.
• Obey all traffic control devices, such as stop signs, lights, and lane markings.
• Always look back and use hand and arm signals to indicate your intention to stop, merge or turn.
2. Be Visible
• Ride where drivers can see you.
• Wear brightly colored clothing at all times.
• At night, use a white front light and red rear light or reflector. Wear reflective tape or clothing.

3. Be Predictable
• Ride in a straight line and don't swerve between parked cars.
• Make eye contact with motorists to let them know you are there.
• Do not ride on the sidewalk.
4. Anticipate Conflicts
• Be aware of traffic around you and be prepared to take evasive action.
• Learn braking and turning techniques to avoid crashes.
• Be extra alert at intersections.
5. Wear a Helmet
• Make sure that the helmet fits on top of your head, not tipped back or forward.
• After a crash or any impact that affects your helmet, visible or not, replace it immediately.
Follow the links to the right for a wealth of information for cyclist of all types and level of experience. If you don't find what you need under the main headings, visit the miscellaneous link for information on mountain biking, riding with kids, tandem bicycles, emergency maneuvers, and more!
If you are looking for courses to learn more, visit the Bike Education page and sign up for a League class!
Via Bike League

The Price You Pay For Your Life

Today I sat in eight hours of boring meetings, except for the twenty minutes when I gave my presentation of course. Except not really, mine was really boring too. It was all data and numbers that are purely speculative and not very meaningful to the manager's in the audience. They also were bad numbers about how thousands and thousands of cases are stuck in a status where they will not move without our clients cooperation. And that won't happen.
So, In addition to listening to the state of the world at work which was depressing and boring, some of the people (actually a lot of the people) spent over an hour in traffic commuting to our office for this big meeting. Some of the people actually work out of my office and drive over an hour, one lady drives 90 minutes! Just to get to our boring job! But, she's a manager and probably has hopes of climbing up the career ladder and attaining one of the few higher choice positions that will open up in a few years as people retire with their nice thirty years of service and a comfortable pension. But to do this she will have to drive fifteen hours a week(1.5 hr x10) times fifty weeks for a total of 750 hours/year (an equivalent of 18.75 work weeks). This is in addition to her work week of 40 hours, so effectively her work week is 55 hours.
To me this is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way in hell, I would drive more than thirty minutes to work anywhere. I've never done it and I never will. Don't people calculate the cost of the their time and cost of travel when they interview for a job? Maybe not. Maybe those pristine little ponds in their backyards are worth the drive, I don't know. But I do know that some jobs aren't worth the money. The golden handcuffs are not always shiny and bright. There is often a price that people sometimes pay, but forget to calculate into their costs - of their job. Its either the commute, or the stress, or the hours and the fact that you won't really just work the forty hours you're paid for its often more in corporate America. And all the office politics that come into play. It's exhausting. Then the crazy commute home with all those stressed out people texting and driving like they're drunk. It's madness that I want no part of.
Anyway, I enjoy my bike ride to work. It always the highlight of my day.

Expect The Unexpected

It was a beautiful cool morning (65F) for a bike ride. There is practically no chance of rain all week. Part of my route has been newly paved, so I can tolerate the bumpy gravelly surface of the torn up portions of the road. The last part of my ride is on a side road heading due east so I can coast and cool down and watch the sunrise. I was therefore a little surprised when my bike started getting squirrely on me as I rolled along. Looking down, I noticed I had a tire going flat. So, I hopped off and sure enough there was a big construction staple stuck in the side wall of my back tire. Of course, its the back - it always is.
Anyway, my Continental Touring Plus tire has done me good. I think its been about three years since I got a flat tire, thanks to that kevlar puncture protection layer. And believe me, I've pulled out glass, tacks, staples and such from the tire that actually haven't punctured the tire. Of course I've been carrying around tools, a spare tube and my mini pump for all these years and today I finally got to use the stuff. I also had the sense to protect the brand new 1 week old carpet in my office so chunks of black bike goo wouldn't get it dirty.
Always expect the unexpected and you'll be ready for it when it happens. You'll be self sufficient and able to get yourself out of a potential problem. In some cases, it won't even be a problem. Why is everyone so surprised when I tell them I had a flat tire and already fixed it, all by myself. Isn't that what it's all about?
Be ready for anything.

5/5 Sunday Coupon Inserts - RP SS

Redplum 5/5
ACT $1/1 16.9 or 18oz bottle excluding Dry Mouth (6/15/13)
ACT $1/1 Dry Mouth product (6/15/13)
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all $1/1 liquid, powder or mighty pacs ets (6/16/13)
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Angel Soft $.45/1 4pk double roll+ (6/5/13)
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Cortizone-10 $1.50/1 poison ivy relief pads (7/7/13)
DermaSilk %$5/1 full size product (5/18/13)
Garnier Fructis B1G1 free shampoo or conditioner 13oz (6/2/13)
got2b $2/1 styling item (6/15/13)
Hefty $.55/1 waste bags (8/31/13)
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Icy Hot $2/1 arthritis lotion product excludes 1ct back patch (8/31/13)
Icy Hot/Aspercreme/Capzasin $1/1 product
L'Oreal $2/1 haircolor product (6/29/13)
NeilMed $3/1 NasaMist All-in-One, NasaMist Extra Strength or Nasaflo Neti Pot (5/31/13)
Osteo Bi-Flex $3/1 30-60ct (6/20/13)
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Peanuts & Panko$1/1 box (6/30/13)
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Atkins $1/1 frozen meal dnd (7/31/13)
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Windex $1/2 products (6/16/13)
Windex/Scrubbing Bubbles $5/5 bathroom or toilet cleaning products (6/16/13)
Yoplait $.50/1 Greek yogurt 4pk or Greek yogurt with granola 2pk (6/29/13)
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Zadiator $2.50/1 5ML+ (7/31/13)
Ziploc $1/3 bags (6/15/13)
Ziploc $1/3 slider bags (6/15/13)

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$25 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway

In case you missed this announcement, there is a $25 Amazon GC Giveaway with low entries. Take a few minutes and enter now!

How I Left Sprint and Kept My Same Smartphone

I admit that I'm hooked on my smartphone, an older model Samsung Epic 4G. I signed up with Sprint a little over two years ago and was hoping to switch over to DH's Sprint SERO plan when my contract was up. Well, Sprint won't let his grandfathered $30 plan have any extra lines at that price. So, I'm quitting Sprint. Actually, I already quit and it happened overnight.
I'm now up and running on my same phone with same phone number after porting my number to Ting (#ad). I used to pay $80.10 for a monthly plan that gave me unlimited everything, but month after month my usage is around 250 minutes calling, 250 texts and 1GB of data. I just signed up for Ting at $44/month for 500 minutes calling, 1000 texts and 1000 MB of data.  And I have no contract so I am free to change carriers if this does not work. But for saving $36 a month on my smartphone, I will make it work. I've effectively cut my bill in half, so now my phone will cost just over $500 a year, rather than $961/year. 
If you're interested in switching, Ting runs on the Sprint network, so if you have a Sprint phone (no iphones allowed on Ting though) you can bring your own device and it will work. You can also buy a phone from them or use an unlocked phone from another provider. Ting has a referral program where you would get $25 in phone credit or services credit by using this link.
I realized while on a cruise last week, that I can get by without constantly checking my phone, since it was out of commission as I was out of the country. Sure I had thousands of feeds and emails and texts when I signed back on - but I didn't have to have all that stuff. I just deleted without reading to start fresh. Now I will need to try to change my usage behavior and use Wi-fi more which won't use my data plan. There are lots of places that have free Wi-fi like the grocery stores, libraries, and my home. I sit at a computer all day long and can check my finances and weather on the PC rather than using my phone. I've started putting it in a drawer instead of being plugged in on top of my desk  beckoning me to check something every five minutes.
As part of my frugal lifestyle, I'm seeking to minimize wasteful, costly activities and behaviors in my daily life. Getting a cheaper phone plan is a step in the right direction. I realize there are more options, and LIfehacker outlines a lot of them here. So, if you are out of contract, check out your options before you commit to that expensive plan.

My Publix Trip - Got Paid $2

We're not having salads for lunch next week so I don't need much, it was just a matter of using up rainchecks and getting some Smart Balance milk before the coupons expire this weekend, and to get some kitty litter. I did two transactions since the Target coupons for cat litter are limit 4. I paid $0.82 for $73.37 on one order and they paid me back $2.02 on the second order for $83.07. So, all was free.
18-Apr 30   83.07 34.02 53.10 tax -2.02 30 -102.44%
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q 0.00 total Q# Q details
bananas 1 0.35 0.35       0.35    
Lettuce, Fresh Express BOGO 2 3.99 7.98 3.99 1.10   2.89 2 0.55/1 MQ
Almonds, Blue Dmnd RAINCHECK 10 2.89 28.90 14.45 10.00   4.45 10 1/1 MQ print
Skillet Sauces Campbells 2 2.39 4.78   4.00   0.78 4 $1/1 TQ + $1/1 MQ print
Tidy Cat Litter BOGO 4 7.79 31.16 15.58 8.00 2.03 9.61 8 $1/1 MQ 1-27RP + 1/1 TQ 4-7RP
Neutragena Soap Raincheck 10 0.99 9.90   25.00   -15.10 5 $5/2 MQ
5/25 competitor coupon 1 0.00 0.00   5.00 0.00 -5.00 1  
18-Apr 24   72.37 15.58 58.00 tax 0.82 33 -98.87%
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q 0.00 total Q# Q details
bananas 1 0.35 0.35       0.35    
Milk, Smart Balance 1/2 gallon 4 3.25 13.00   8.00   5.00 8 $1/1 MQ 4-14RP + 1/1 PQ bskt
Skillet Sauces Campbells 2 2.39 4.78   4.00   0.78 4 $1/1 TQ + $1/1 MQ print
Tidy Cat Litter BOGO 4 7.79 31.16 15.58 8.00 2.03 9.61 8 $1/1 MQ 1-27RP + 1/1 TQ 4-7RP
Motrin 1 ct 8 1.09 8.72   16.00   -7.28 8 $2/1 3-3ss
VitaminB6 Sundown 4 3.59 14.36   17.00   -2.64 4 $5/2 PQ + $1/1 peelie or $2/1 MQ print
5/25 competitor coupon 1 0.00 0.00   5.00 0.00 -5.00 1