Adventure OTS Day 11 _ At Sea Skating

Woke up to an overcast day, partly cloudy with chance of showers with cool temps 16C (61F) with winds 35 mph, seas at 8ft.  The ship had a small swagger to it, or maybe that just me walking the hallways as if I'd been drinking already.  Nothing too bad, just a subtle shimmy like riding on a train.  

Breakfast in the windjammer, one of the servers Funjei.

We were invited to a backstage tour of the skating Studio B. It was pretty unorganized but what else did we have to do? Packing? We did get to see the mini Zamboni they use to prepare the ice.

The skaters have to buy their own skates at $1200 for the boots, and the blades are another $300.

We decided to try our own ice skating and managed to have fun and not kill ourselves, Scott and I didn't even fall. We pretty much had the rink to ourselves. Mark on the other hand was another story.

Dinner again, we had such a great time with these people.
Production Showtime was "Can't Stop the Rock" staring the singers and dancers.
Distance traveled 2,446 nm
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