Adventure of the Seas - Montreal, Quebec CA Day 2

Actually, this is day 1 pictures which I realized were missing when I wrote yesterdays post. But we were in Montreal on Saturday and Sunday. The action is on Charlotte Street in the Village. There were barricades blocking the street so everyone can walk in the road. The street is lined with overhead balls on strings that reflect the lights, and that is cool too. The night we walked around there was a Festival of Color with marching groups dancing in costume and playing music. It had a Caribbean flair to it.

We had some poutine in a resto on one of the side streets, I can't get enough of that stuff. We also road bikes on the bike paths along the river to see the unique apartments called Habitat 67.

Parade on Charlotte Street

Charlotte Street in the Village

Shop in The Village

Charlotte Street bikes

Poutine at Dirty Pizza resto

Mont Royal stairs to top of park
Bixi Bikes

Here is a link to all Montreal photos Montreal Photos
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