Camry Power Window Repair

Well, here's another frugal project that will save you lots of money. We have a 2004 Toyota Camry that decided it was time to retire its front passenger window. It just quit last week and would not go back up with the flick of a switch. We muscled it back up and into place, then put on the child locks so it wouldn't accidentally go down. It finally is time to replace the power window regulator and motor. Fortunately, for us amateurs there is Youtube. You can fix anything now that used to be complicated, with the help of a useful Youtube video.
We searched and found one by 1AAuto that explained how to find the several bolts that held on the door panel, how to unplug the power and up/down switches, and loosen the bolts that hold the regulator and motor. After we ordered a new regulator ($60) from the same company, we followed the video and installed it in about 30 minutes. We did have a little snag because the parts were slightly different, but we switched out the window rail from the old part to make it work. It saved us from spending at least $400 to have it fixed at the shop. It was a simple job to do.
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