My Publix Trip - Gas Card Deal

my publix trip 09/06/2013

I'm really struggling with couponing these days, it is so depressing to see the same items on sale as earlier this year, but the coupons just don't get the price to where it used to be. The cat and dog treats are just not going to happen for me this week, or possibly not any time soon. I also hate just getting one or two gas cards when the deal comes along, when I used to get at least a dozen each sale last year. Oh well, time will heal.

I did find both fillers vitamins and toothbrushes this time so I am able to hold off on getting cereal and Mrs. Pauls fish fillets for my next trip. And the rest of the salad fixins we'll need. I used a raincheck for the Purina One dog food since the flavor my dog has decided she loves was out last week when it was on sale. I have one more raincheck but its a big hit to the pocket book ($30) for dog food, plus the $40 for the gas card.

I spent $61 today, and saved $60, so it was about 50% savings.

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