My Publix Trip 0.87 plus tax

My Publix shop this week is a little late because I've never been able to find the Glade Plugins. The shelves have been empty since the sale started but those trusty Publix trucks delivered fresh stock for the shelves today, at least in one of the three stores I went to. I did happen to get some of the new MomSaver booklets from the demonstration lady at one store.

I split my order to be able to use more than one $5 off $40 coupon, but my other order isn't listed here. I used a raincheck for the Glade to allow me to use the Purple Flyer Publix coupon that expired yesterday, although the LU# was still active in the register so I probably could have saved the raincheck. My order total was $3.08 and I saved $72.28, a savings of 95%.

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