My Profitable Publix Trip 09/12/13

My Publix Trip 09/12/13

My grocery shopping planning was busy this week. Earlier in the week I was fretting since I didn't have any of the Buitoni MQs as they weren't in the inserts our area gets, but a nice person on FB sent me a link to print the MQs on the Target Site. So I was pleasantly surprised that the store was stocked since it was so late in the day. As it turns out, I think Publix is expecting this item to be popular this week, so they have plenty in the back. So if the small display area in the store is empty, be sure to ask them to check the back. This was a nice moneymaker this week and paid for the salad fixings this week.

There is also a new coupon on the Safeway site that is for Fresh Express salad kits. The manufacturer coupon states for Safeway stores but this Publix is okay with this since its a valid MQ. Anyway, this makes for free lettuce. I also used a $10 off $50 Whole Foods coupon which I found in the local Temple Terrace News magazine, if you see it around. The USF store has started taking Whole Foods as a competitor since they built the store in Carrollwood which is kind of nearby.

If you look carefully in the picture, you'll see we got the wrong size Pillsbury products. I was sorting coupons and DH was in charge of getting 6 of the crescent rolls, but he picked up the $2 packages (8oz), rather than the one dollar packages (4 oz). We ended up exchanging them later for the correct size since this product to me is not even worth the dollar it would have been after the coupon - but for free or MM I'll use them for something.

We also picked up a $10 Gift Card to use up our remaining overage since we had all the produce we needed this trip. Hopefully, you already were aware the Seafood Publix coupon from last week was a misprint and is actually $2 off $2 like usual. The stores are aware of this and I have not had any issues using mine this week. You still have through Saturday to use them. The Shrimp skewers are a dollar a piece (5 pieces of shrimp) so that's not a bad way to go.

So in the end, it cost $1.73 for this shop, plus the $10 Gift Card, and we saved 98% ($96.64).

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