Rays Get 10 Strikeouts - Free Papa Johns Pizza w Ticket Stub

The Rays did it again, ten strikeouts yesterday in Tampa. If you were one of the 28,000 fans there you can take your ticket stub to a nearby Kane's Furniture store within 7 days of the game, to exchange it for a coupon for a free 10" cheese pizza at Papa Johns. The Rays and Kanes will not be giving out vouchers this 2013 season in place of game tickets, so the only way to get this deal is with a game ticket.

In case you really want Papa Johns pizza you can always use code: SUM50 to get 50% off your regular priced pizza order.
I'm sorry to see the change in this promotion since we got dozens of free pizzas last year. Oh well, I'm on a diet anyway that doesn't really include bread.
All good things eventually come to an end.
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