When Things Don't Work

Last January, I bought a couple items. Actually, I'm sure I bought more than a couple items - but two of them come to mind recently because they no longer work as designed. The first one is a nice twelve inch Cuisinart pan that works great for making breakfast and dinner on the stove top. At least it used to work great, until it developed a concave rounded bottom so that only the center touched the glass stove top surface. Whenever I would try to dispense or move foods around it became a two handed operation since I had to hold the pan still so it wouldn't spin around on that nice little round hump.
It was kind of annoying, so I checked my order history on Amazon and was surprised to see it was just over a year old. So then I checked the product information and it said it had a limited lifetime warranty. I wasn't sure that my problem was bad enough, so I jumped over to Facebook and left a message for Cuisinart explaining my problem. They directed me to call customer service. When I spoke to the rep, they thought it sounded like I had a legitimate defect and they would replace the pan, after I shipped it in for their inspection.
So a couple weeks went by and we continued to be annoyed by the pan spinning circles with our food. During this procrastination, we looked for a box that would fit, I wrote up a letter explaining the problem and we wanted a replacement, and carried the package around in the car for a couple days too. Finally, it made it to the post office and in the mail - then things started happening. I'm pleased to report that our pan was deemed defective and a new one was shipped out and is due at our front door today!
I hate when things don't work. I have very little tolerance for defects in products. Just last night I was trying to print coupons on my newest Dell laptop that I just got last January. We keep it plugged in mostly by the TV since we stream video and movies from Amazon on the big flat screen. But when I unplugged it to run on battery power it died. Actually the battery has died. Conveniently a month past the warranty. I guess that's what you get when you buy refurbished stuff. Anyway, I ordered a new battery pack and it should be in business again by the end of the week.
I'm sure there will be something else that needs attention soon.

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