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How To Change Your Thinking To Become Richer

If you're struggling to make ends meet and don't have the financial stability you would like then often you simply need a new plan or budget in order to make the difference. Sticking to this new budget though is a lot like sticking to a new diet - it's a matter of psychology and of using the right mental attitude to make the difference. Here we will look at a few ways you can change your thinking and as a result start to keep more of your salary and enjoy a wealthier lifestyle without the stress.
Learn What You Don’t Need
What many of us aren't aware of is just how much of our salary goes on things we don't need due to emotional factors. While we will purchase things often because we genuinely want them or need them, on other occasions we buy simply due to impulse and the psyche nudges of advertising and marketing.

One of the best ways to prevent this is to stop impulse buys altogether by making the rule that you can't buy anything non-essential unless it's been written down for 24 hours. In other words then, if you find a game, ornament or DVD you want in a shop then you need to write it down and come back tomorrow in order to buy it. Often by this time you'll find you don't need it.

Other strategies that can help to stop these impulse buys include thinking about all the things you have that you haven't used yet - books you haven't read and films you haven't watched. Finally, think about how much better it is to have a few things you really like rather than lots of things you don't have space for. Limiting your possessions will improve your 'average' quality while at the same time meaning that each item you do have gets more focus and your room looks less cluttered. Stop valuing your collections in terms of their quantity, but instead think about them in terms of their quality.

Staying On Top of It
One of the bigger problems that many of us have is that we're simply not aware of what's in our bank account at any given time - which of course makes it difficult to budget and to spot areas that could be improved. To prevent this problem consider keeping a cashbook, look into setting up a spreadsheet but most of all - put aside the time you need to manage these and actually keep them up to date. This is the financial equivalent of biofeedback in dieting.


Learn to Value Money
Something I find odd is that the more money I earn the more stringent I notice myself becoming. The reason for this is that I'm proud of the work I did to raise the money and I want my cash to reflect my recent success. While you should never place too much emphasis on the importance of your cash, you should nevertheless make sure that you don't waste it, and it can help to this end to think about some of the things you want to save for and to set yourself some goals.
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