Frugal Reading

In case you're interested in reading a bit more this year, here are a few great books I've read just this week.
  • Bitter Brew - William Knoedelseder - a great non fiction personal story about the rise and fall of Anheuser Busch.
  • The Painted Drum - Louise Erdrich - fiction story about an indian drum that heals sickness
  • The Black Box - Michael Connelly - fiction, a Harry bosch mystery solving LA crime
  • Presumed Guilty - Jose Baez - non fiction about the Casey Anthony trial as perceived by her lawyer
I love to read and read hundreds of books a year. But the only book I've purchased is an ebook called Moneyball for $0.25 from Amazon (which is a great nonfiction story). All my books are either hardcover or ebooks from the library. I also have gotten over 800 books this past year free from Amazon. This website publishes free ebooks every day, and I usually get one a day. I only pick books with a rating over 4.6 out of 5, and with over 20 reviews. The free ebooks I have read from these selections have all been excellent, including An Unproductive Woman and Butterfly Forest.
Did you know you can lend Amazon books to others as well? Its really simple to do, just select the book in your Kindle account, and send an email with the link to your friend and they get the book for 14 days before it is automatically returned to you.
My point is that reading is a very frugal worthwhile activity. It keeps your mind sharp, and provides entertainment where ever you are. My ebooks can be loaded onto my smartphone so they are with me all the time, or they can be transferred to my Kindle or Ipad if that's what I prefer.
If you haven't hooked up with your local library online, why not do it today?
In Tampa, the local site for the HIllsborough county library is HERE.
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