Happy Halloween 2012

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Even though I'm old now and don't seem to have the connections for fun dress up parties, its still fun to see the costumes others come up with. We aren't doing anything special this halloween, just giving out candy to the two kids that will stop by, maybe. DH is excited to put together his new composter and make me some dirt for my new flowers. We got lots of coupons from the Home Depot Zombie Mulch game on facebook and it is so fun to shop there for free! You can earn $5 off your $5.01 purchase, $10 off $10.01 purchase and $15 off $15.01 purchase by playing the game. If you haven't played it, give yourself about an hour to earn $30 in coupons. Claim your points by going to the 'STATS' page and requesting to have it emailed to you.
Hope you have a great Halloween!
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