Watch the Black Out Bucs Game on Your Computer #Free

Well, its the beginning of another Buccaneer Football season, and along with that comes the blacked out local games in Tampa area. Even though the NFL loosened the restrictions to only 85% stadium sellout, I don't see the #Bucs doing that except for a couple night games this year. But, don't despair - you can watch it for free on your computer (at 19:30 pm).
Just go to and click on AM FOOTBALL to see the listing of games you can see. This is also handy if you're from Pittsburgh and you want to watch the Steelers who are not broadcast locally on Tampa channels. Click on the game you want, but be careful not to click open any popups, as there are a few. You will also be prompted to download the newest version of Adobe flash player which you should do if you want to watch the game. Sometimes there are a couple choices of links to view the game, so if one link is loading slow or something, just try the other link. If you click the popups and your computer starts going crazy, close them and do a virus check with Ad-aware or whatever software you use to be sure you didn't get a virus. I have never gotten a virus from this site, but all those popups make me nervous.
We usually watch it on a laptop and using the HDMI cable connect the computer to the HDTV to view it on the large screen. So, tonight we'll be watching the Bucs - I hope they win!
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