We're Rolling Now

Yesterday our rolling wire shelving arrived from Amazon and DH and I spent the rainy evening assembling them. They are really nice and sturdy and will make great stockpile shelves and also for our dressing room. We plan to put all our Tshirts and pants on these rolling racks so that they can be moved around when we need to. I've been looking all over the internet for shelves like these but shipping killed the deal, and tax. Silly me I didn't even look at Amazon til it came up in a google search. So they shipped free and were tax free from Amazon.
DH was alarmed at my blog post yesterday suggesting that it meant we never would have guests in our home again. But that's not the case at all. We plan to give up our bedroom to visitors, and then move ourselves in the master bedroom which we use as a dressing room. The stockpile room will also have rolling storage racks which can be easily moved to another area of the house when we have a visitor needing that guest room for accommodations.
Anyway, as part of the remodel we've got one room empty and ready to paint and will empty the dressing room this weekend. The ceiling fans should arrive today so they can be installed prior to carpet install next week. Then we can move onto the next project.
Here's what we've spent on the bedrooms projects:
$985 Carpet, pad purchase and install
$174 Paint (4 gal) and rollers
$398 Ceiling Fans for each room (2)
$200 Handyman replace windowsills, install electric outlet
$ 56  Marble windowsills (3)
$1,813 Total
Not too expensive yet. I'm not including the rolling shelves because they aren't really part of the project - we just happen to be getting them to help us move stuff around during the projects and then they will have their other purpose in life later.
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