My Publix Trip - $63 for $100 in Gas Cards + groceries

The #Publix gas card promo (get $10 off $50 gas card wyb $25 on groceries) is a great way to save 20% on your gas purchases, so I hope you've been stocking up this week. It continues through Wednesday and the coupon is easy to find in the store at the front turnstile of ads. Earlier this week my goal was to use up the $10 off $50 Sweetbay coupons, and then the Kotex deal came along with the Save a Bundle booklet (I've still seen plenty in almost all stores). The recent spring cleaning $5 off $30 PQ from last weekend is great to make this deal better too.
The Kotex and speedstick deal is a small moneymaker but definitely helps get the total up to $25 so you can get your gas card deal. You'll need to shop at a coupon friendly store that will let you use more than one coupon per customer, and will let the auto deduct on the speedstick coupon for $2.79, rather than adjusting down to actual price of $2.65.  I was at one store in Tampa this week and I had to walk away from the register because I'm not going to argue either deal, but I'm also not going to take it. I'll shop somewhere where they are more lenient and friendly to couponers. I did wonder whats up when the shelves were fully stocked, and two baggers were both pushing carts of "go-backs" around. I certainly wasn't the only one to walk out at that store. I'm sure George Jenkins would roll over in his grave if he saw how rude some of the staff are to customers.
Anyway, my favorite two stores recently have started accepting expired Publix coupons and this has made for some great "O" deals on Sundown, Pet treats, produce, and fresh meats. There are also expired PQs for Glade expressions and Scrubbing bubbles from the previous Yellow Flyer that can sweeten those deals. I would recommend you ask your customer service managers if they accept expired Publix coupons. If not, encourage them to consider it. I'm not going to post the shops (it will make you jealous), or tell the stores I go to since I don't want to ruin a good thing and have the smash and grabbers to start going there too.
Anyway, onto my shop. I spent $63.55 and got $100 in gas cards, plus all the product in the picture. Most of it will be for donations. I don't bother to separate the food from gas budgets because it all is ultimately free since I used Publix gift cards from overage, and giveaways. We have not spent household income on groceries or gas for several years.
10-Apr 33   155.40 0.00 94.90 tax 63.55 46 -59.10%
Product qty price subtl B1G1 -Q 3.05 total Q# Q details
bananas 2 0.39 0.78       0.78    
Purina Party mix cat trts 2 1.33 2.66   3.00   -0.34 3 $1/2 MQ peelie + $1/1 PQ pet club print
busy bone dog treats 2 2.50 5.00   6.00   -1.00 4 $1/1 MQ 3-25ss + $1/1 PQ pet club print
Glade air fresh spray 4 1.39 5.56   8.00 0.36 -2.08 6 $2/2 MQ print + $1/1 TQ print
kotex liners 16 ct 10 1.49 14.90   10.00 0.97 5.87 10 $1/1 PQ one stop one store
speedstick 10 2.65 26.50   37.90 1.72 -9.68 20 $1/1 MQ 3-18ss (exp 4/14) + free wyb kotex PQ bundle bklt or One stop One store
BP gas card $50 2 50.00 100.00   20.00   80.00 2 $10 off $50 BP gas card PQ in store ad
Sweetbay $10 of $50 1 0.00 0.00   10.00   -10.00 1 $10 off $50 Sweetbay x4/10
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