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I Just Won Swagbucks! Here's How

Every morning I check into Swagbucks to do the daily poll for 1 pt, and the NOSO (No Obligation Search Offers) for 2 pts. Today was my lucky day and I won Eleven Swagbucks! I also got 50 swagbucks on my birthday this week, and I've been getting swagbucks daily by participating in the music madness polls. For every 450 swagbucks you can redeem it for a $5 Amazon gift card which is the best value in my opinion.
Here's a couple tips I've found to help me win. If you haven't joined yet, this is a great opportunity because it is only a couple minutes of your time and if you remember to check in each day, you can earn prizes pretty quickly. I don't usually do the swagbucks games or other offers, but getting swag codes sent to my smart phone via twitter (just send "Follow Swagcodespoiler" to 40404) is pretty simple, and you'll get a text everytime there's a swagcode found.
I also have the swagbucks widget on my iGoogle page and use that to launch my daily search. I find that more often than not, I win swagbucks if I search from the widget but my account is not logged in. The page tells me I might win if I were logged in, so I log in and whala - it gives me swagbucks!
Swagbucks has also updated their rules this year so every person in your household can have their own account! So, why not take this chance to sign up your hubby or your sister, just make sure they use their own email address.
So, join #Swagbucks today!
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