Publix Yellow Advantage Flyer 1/14 - 2/3/12

Publix Coupons expiring 2/3/12
Totino's pizza rolls 90ct/44.5oz $2/1
Coca-Cola, buy 1, save $2 on any Publix meat or seafood item
Ore-Ida frozen potatoes or onion rings 16-32oz, buy 2 get get 1 FREE
Ore-Ida Bagel Bites 9ct BOGO
Nabisco/Coke: buy 2 participating Nabisco products AND 2 participating Coca-Cola products, $4/4 (Coke 8pk/7.5oz mini cans, Coke 6pk/16.9oz, Nabisco Toasted Chips 8.1oz, Nabisco Snak-Saks 8oz)
Hormel Mary Kitchen roast beef or corned hash 15oz, buy 2 get 1dozen Publix eggs FREE
Dr Pepper 12pk (any flavor, regular or diet), buy 1 get Dr Pepper 2L FREE
Dean's dip 12-16oz $1/1
Kellogg's Special K cereal
Aquafina 24pk $1/1
Ro-Tel diced tomatoes 10oz $.55/3
Marie Callender's Bakes 24 or 31oz or Pies 32-45oz $1.50/1
Hebrew National

Manufacturer Coupon expiring 2/3/12
King Oscar products 2-4.38oz $1/2

The Deals

Coca-Cola 6pk/16.9oz 2/$7
Coca-Cola 8pk/7.5oz mini cans 2/$6
Deer Park or Zephyrhills 6pk/.5L or 12pk/8oz $1.99
Gatorade Prime singles 4oz, Recover 16.9oz or G2 32oz 10/$10
Red Bull 12pk/8.4oz $19.99
San Pellegrino 6pk/8oz bottles or 6pk/11.15oz cans or Perrier 6pk/11oz $3.99
Sparkling Ice 17oz 10/$10

Breakstone's sour cream 24oz 2/$6
Cabot Greek yogurt 2lb 2/$6
Chobani Greek yogurt Champions 4pk/3.5oz 2/$5
Dannon Danimals smoothie 6pk/3.1oz 3/$6
Dannon DanActive 8pk/3.1oz $4.29
Dannon Activia Selects Greek yogurt 6oz 10/$10
Dannon All Natural or Light & Fit 32oz or Activia 24oz $2.39
Dannon Activia 12pk/4oz $4.99
International Delight or Coffee house Inspirations 16oz 3/$5
Kraft shredded cheese 14-16oz $4.99
Kraft American singles 16oz 2/$6
Polly-O ricotta 32oz 2/$6

King's Hawaiian round bread 16oz $2.99

Nancy's Quiche 6oz 2/$4
Ore-Ida Extra Crispy easy fries 4.25-4.75oz 10/$10
T.G.I. Friday's frozen value size snacks 22.3-30oz $7.99
Weight Watchers Smart Ones Satisfying Selections 11.7oz 2/$5
Weight Watchers frozen ice cream novelties $4.49
White Castle hamburgers or cheeseburgers 6pk $3.49

Blue Diamond almonds resealable zipper bag 16oz $5.99
Budweiser wing sauce 14oz 2/$5
Bush's Best mild or medium chili, dark red, light red or reduced sodium red kidney beans 16oz 5/$5
Cape Cod potato chips 7-8.5oz (excludes whole grain) 2/$5
Chock Full o'Nuts brick coffee 10.5-11.3oz (excludes decaf) 2/$7
Crystal hot sauce 12oz 2/$1.69
Dreamfields pasta 13.25oz 3/$5
French's Chili-O seasoning mix 1.75-2.25oz $.99
Gulden's brown mustard 12oz $1.39
Hershey's, Kit Kat, Reese's or PayDay king size bars 2.5-3.4oz 4/$5
Hormel chili with beans or Dinty Moore beef stew 15oz 2/$3
Hormel Compleats or Chi-Chi's Fiesta plates 10oz 2/$4
Hormel Mary Kitchen roast beef, corned beef or reduced fat corn beef hash 15oz 2/$4
House-Autry seafood or chicken breader, or hush puppy with onion mix 2lb $2.99
Hunt's ketchup 13.5oz $1.19
Hunt's tomato sauce 15oz $.89
Jell-O gelatin or pudding (regular or sugar free) 4 1/2 cup servings (excludes Mix-Ins) 3/$3
Little Debbie Nutty Bars, Oatmeal Creme Pies, Cosmic Brownies, Swiss Rolls or Honey Buns 10.6-16.2oz 4/$5
Mario olives snack size 100 calorie pouch 1.75oz $.89
McCormick Bag 'n Season .81-1.37oz $1.79
McCormick black pepper 4oz $2.99
McCormick chili or 30% less sodium chili seasoning mix 1.25oz 4/$3
McCormick garlic powder 3.12oz $1.99
McCormick Grinder or GrillMates blends .77-3.5oz 2/$3
McCormick Perfect pinch seasoning blend .75-3.87oz 2/$5
McCormick Slow Cookers 1.3-1.5oz or Beef dry seasoning mixes .7-1.5oz 10/$10
McCormick taco, 30% less sodium taco or fajita seasoning 1.12-1.25oz 3/$2
Mentos gum 15ct 5/$5
Nabisco Snak-Saks 8oz 2/$4
Nabisco Toasted Chips 8.1oz 2/$6
Newman's Own salsa 16oz 2/$4
Orbit or Eclipse gum 3pk 2/$3
Pam organic no-stick cooking spray 5oz $2.99
Plochman's yellow mustard 10.5 oz 2/$1.69
Pop Secret microwave popcorn value size 10pk/3.2oz $3.99
Quaker Quakes 3.03-4oz or True Delights 3-3.5oz 10/$10
Simply Asia 8.5oz 2/$6
Smart Balance microwave popcorn Smart Movie style 4pk/3.5oz or Smart n' Healthy! 4pk/3oz $1.99
Smart Balance omega natural peanut butter 16oz $2.99
Smart Balance omega non-stick cooking spray 6oz 2/$5
Smart Balance omega oil blend 24oz $2.99
Sunshine Cheez-It crackers 7.5-9oz 3/$5
Tabasco pepper, chipotle or green sauce 5oz 2/$5
Tetley tea 100ct, decaffeinated 24or 72 ct, British blend 80ct or green tea 40ct 2/$6
Texas Pete wing sauce 16.5-17.5oz 2/$4
UP2U gum 14ct $.99
Virginia Brand salad dressing 12oz 2/$4
Welch's fruit snacks 10pk/.64-.9oz 2/$4
Wrigley's Extra, Juicy Fruit or Doublemint gum 15 sticks $.79

Clorox Greenworks cleaner 22-32oz or wipes 30ct, save 25% on 1
Cottonelle bath tissue Clean Care or Ultra 18 double rolls $10.99
Cottonelle bath tissue Clean Care, Ultra or Gentle Care Aloe & E 6 double rolls $3.99
Dishwasher Magic 12oz or Disposer Care 4pk/4.9oz 2/$5
Method laundry detergent 50 loads/20oz $11.99
Method dish soap 18oz 2/$5
Oxi Clean triple power stain fighter laundry detergent 64oz $7.99
Scott Towel Long Lasting 150ct 2/$5
Ultra Purex laundry detergent 150oz $7.99

Hormel pillow pack pepperoni or pepperoni minis 4-7oz 2/$6
Jack Links jerky or teriyaki nuggets 3.25oz $3.99

Crave soft treats for cats 2.1oz 4/$5
Feline Pine cat litter 20lb $8.99
The Goodlife Recipe dry food for cats 2.7-3lb bag 2/$7
The Goodlife Recipe treats for cats 3oz 2/$4
Whiskas dry food for cats 6lb bag $6.99
Whiskas food for cats 3.5oz 10/$4.50
Whiskas food for cats pouch multipack 24ct $7.99

Bolthouse Farms dressing 14oz 2/$4
Dole 100% juice or juice blends 59oz 2/$5
Naked Juice smoothie or blended juice smoothie 15.2oz 2/$5

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