Crest White Strips Moneymaker

 $ 5.99 Trial Size 2ct Crest White Strips 3D
-$10.00 MQ 10-30 P&G (exp 11/30/11)
=$4.01 moneymaker
You're going to have to follow the Publix truck to find this one, I suspect that it will disappear from shelves very quickly. If you happen to find a Publix that actually stocks the trial size Crest White Strips (only 1 of 4 stores I frequent has a spot on the shelf), look around behind the other big boxes since couponers are known to hide the moneymaker stuff (like vitamins) in the wrong place so they can come back later and get it. Since there is a limit of 4 like coupons (10-30 PG) you can only get four at a time. Also the coupon will beep because of the long bar code. Just ask the cashier to cover it up with their thumb and it will scan fine. There are no size exclusions on the coupon, so it is a valid match.
You've got the whole month to find this deal.
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