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The world is chattering about how Steve Jobs changed everything and how he brought us such great products and innovation. I have used my Apple product today, have you? People feel the loss of Steve Jobs because they love his innovative products. If you have an iPhone I'm sure you would say you absolutely love it. Anyone born after 1984 has never know the world to lack Apple products.
But what I don't like about Apple products is that they don't play well with others. This is by design. They have designed their own proprietary operating system on Mac computers, the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone. If you want to use their products you have to pay their high prices because there is no competition. They have snuffed out the competitors with lawsuits and strict partnering agreements.
This means we need to get other products to meet the needs that these products don't meet. If you want to listen to the radio, guess what  - your ipod is useless. If you don't have a PC to download itunes, its also useless. I only use my ipod to listen to music on my bicycle rides – other than that it is of no use to me. There are other products – like my Android smartphone that can provide all sorts of services other than just listening to music, and it can do that too.
My point is that I try not to patronize products and manufacturers that aren't compatible with other products. Granted I do have several ipods – but I've never paid money for them. I got them as gifts for signing up for a checking account, for test riding a motorcycle and for clicking ads to get points online. I use my ipods but I would never buy an Apple product because I don't like the business plan they have. I don't want to be hostage to their system and unrealistic prices.
There are a lot of other huge companies out there that don't play well with others but they are changing their ways. Amazon and Facebook have realized that if they don't make their products open to collaboration with other marketers, someone else will. I have embraced the Android smart phones because Google has purposely made their products and services link together with all sorts of other products and services. I'm not sure Google+ will ever catch up to Facebook, but they give us an alternative. And when all the sheep out there get sick of the privacy invasion and the constant changes on FB, maybe they'll look at their choices.
Anyway, the world has lost a genius. If you haven't read this already you should. HERE is the text to Steve Jobs commencement address to Stanford on June 12, 2005. It is riveting.
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