Coupon Karma

The other day at the grocery store it was jammin'. College classes start at the nearby University, and our store is one that the majority of students shop at since its just kiddy corner from campus. It's actually amusing to watch students shop, as they wander up and down the aisles picking up lots of convenience foods and snacks, munchies and soda. The girls all shop together, perhaps they're room mates and they share their food unequivocally. The carts are heaped full and I'm sure the store loves it. As it was, we were not getting much, just some cereal to use up a rain check and we happened to pick up a couple items that were splurges for us (Sabra Hummus and fresh buns). We got hooked on the hummus when it was BOGO with a coupon and it was cheap. Now it was not, but I did have a $1/1 coupon to help defray the four dollar cost.
Anyway, we were ready to check out and scanned the cashiers looking for one of our favorite, competent ones who can handle all the coupon scenarios. It was so crowded there we didn't want to hold up a line any longer than necessary by going to a cashier who looked at every coupon for 5 seconds too long. Anyway, we found our favorite and went to her line even though there was a young student there with a heaped cart. While we waited we looked over her purchases and it appeared that she was buying everything to make a spaghetti meal. I mean everything, including the cookie sheets to make the bread, pans to cook the noodles and heat up the sauce, plus all the seasonings, cheeses, sauces and noodles. She must have just moved into her dorm (her college tshirt said Resident Assistant) and was setting up her kitchen. There was even a container of the hummus like the one I had in my cart too. I was thinking her cart was going to cost a fortune, and she had only one coupon in her hand. I quickly found an extra hummus coupon, and also a $5/30 store coupon and passed them to DH to give to the girl. She was so appreciative and thankful. The one coupon she had for Parmesan cheese she said she had found on the floor. DH was smitten as the cute young thing batted her eyelashes at him. Her order ended up costing $96, and she saved $6 (from our coupons).
I like doing that, being the coupon fairy. Its karma with coupons, it all comes back.
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