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Publix Yellow Advantage Buy 7/9 - 7/29

Hot Summer, Cool Savings is the next Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer for 7/9 -7/29. Here is a list of the #Publix coupons expiring 7/29/2011:

$2.00 any Publix half gallon ice cream WYB Smucker's ice cream topping 5 oz. or larger

Free Coca-Cola 1.25 L WYB a small or large Publix deli popcorn chicken

$1.00 Sambazon acai superfood juice 32 oz. or acai blueberry & pomegranate superfood juice blend 32 oz.

$3.00 any Nescafe Taster's Choice 7 or 10 oz.

75¢ any Quaker soft baked bars box

Free Scott towels long lasting roll 1 ct. WYB Kingsford MatchLight charcoal 6.7 lb or Mesquite charcoal 6.3 lb.

$1.00 any Magnum ice cream bars 3 pk.

Free Kellogg's FiberPlus bar 6.3 - 15.5 oz WYB Kellogg's FiberPlus cereal

55¢ any Guilt Free ice cream bars or fudge bars 12 pk., or vanilla butter pecan ice cream pint

Free Kashi TLC cracker or TLC cookie item WYB any Kashi cereal 7.5 oz or larger AND any Kashi TLC bars 6.7 oz.

Free Clemmy's ice cream WYB 2 Murray sugar free cookies

$3.00 Publix half gallon ice cream WYB any 2 IBC 6 pk./12 oz.

Free GreenGiant frozen bag vegetables, Just for One, or Create a Meal! 14 - 24 oz. WYB 2 (buy 2, get 1 free)

$1.00 any 2 OnCor frozen entrees 27 - 32 oz.

Free Bagel Bites 9 ct. WYB 2 (buy 2, get 1 free)

$1.00 any Petey's Bing energy drink 4 pk.

$1.50 any Dr. Pepper cherry 12 pk. (regular or diet)

$2.00 any Off! product

$1.25 any Raid product

$3.00 any Combat ant or roach bait/gel kill

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