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How Would You Like To Be In Casey Anthony's Shoes?

Just think of it, your life is not really in your hands - it's in the hands of a bunch of strangers who may judge you based on some information presented to them, valid or not. It would not really be a great feeling, to be in Casey Anthony's shoes at all. But now she has her life back, but what will it be like?

The feelings she may have could be similar to ones we share when we are relieved of a great debt, or when we finally come to a frugal decision. Sometimes we have to make decisions we know nothing about, so we have to learn about the factors involved to come to our decision. Like for instance, DH needs to get some new walking shoes. Almost all his current shoes are uncomfortable since he broke his foot in that motorcycle collision last September, and his foot healed with a bump where the break was on the top of his foot. So now almost all his shoes hurt when he wears them.

So the plan is to try on some shoes in a store to make sure they fit, but then to go online and find a deal or coupon. DH may feel a little like Casey Anthony, after almost losing his life in an accident, he has a fresh start and can walk again and get some good shoes.

Photo Caption: Casey Anthony talks with her attorney Jose Baez during a recess in her murder trial at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Fla. on Wednesday, June 22, 2011. (Credit: Red Huber, Orlando Sentinel)
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