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My Publix Trip - Under A Buck

Well this week I've been stretching myself by trying to do deals at Kmart and Walmart, and Publix. Its way too much sorting, finding, clipping and shopping. The most wasteful part of it all is wasting time with the crabby cashiers at the marts who don't even know whats going on. I did four trips to Kmart this week and I ended up with lots of free product, but in hindsight I'm thinking its not worth it. Same with Walmart - my time and peace are worth more than the hassle of that store. So, I went and had a nice predictable trip to Publix and managed to find the new Smart Savings booklet at my TT store which was a score. Lots of great coupons in there like the Athenos yogurt PQ and the Caribou coffee PQ.

My trip was again mostly produce for our salads (we're still on our diet, more about that to come) and also trying to score some of the elusive deals on the Green Advantage Flyer before it expires on Friday. Again there were no Tylenol Precise heat patches or cream, so they were nice enough to write a couple rainchecks so I can attempt to find this product next month. We did get some of the free flashlights though. I was the coupon fairy today, handing out some $5 off $30 WD coupons to a friend we saw shopping, and then to the guy who stepped behind me in line and didn't mind waiting when I warned him off of the longer wait due to my coupons.
ProductqtypricesubtlB1G1-QtotalQ#Q details
romaine11.991.992.00-0.011$2/1 PQ stockingspree.com
mushrooms11.991.992.00-0.011$2/1 PQ stockingspree.com
raspberries22.$2/1 PQ stockingspree.com
carrot matchsticks11.991.992.00-0.011$2/1 PQ stockingspree.com
tyson anytizer BOGO23.296.583.292.001.292$1/1 printable
shrimp cooked 41/5012.162.162.16
garrity flashlights62.5915.5418.00-2.466$3/1 PQ YAF
olay regenerist facial cleanser24.498.988.000.9843/1 PG 6-5 + $1/1 PQ stockup
Crystal Light 10 ct BOGO62.9917.948.978.000.974$1/3 TQ + $1/1 6-12ss
Powerade BOGO121.2515.007.507.500.006BOGO MQ
$/$$ coupon0.000.005.00-5.001$5/$25 competitor x6/28
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