7 of The Cheapest Cities In Europe

Now that the summer season is slowly approaching, it's time to start thinking about that dream summer vacation you have been planning over the long, cold, wintery months.
If you're worried about draining all of your savings for a short getaway this summer, then fret no more. It may surprise you to learn that many cities in Europe, even the touristy ones, can be incredibly cheap if you do the proper research and calculations beforehand.
If you're struggling to think of where you can go in Europe this summer, here are seven cities in Europe that are not only easy on the eyes, but easy on your money as well:
1.       Bucharest (Romania)
If you have a fascination with Vlad the Impaler AKA Dracula then be sure to check out Romania's capital city, Bucharest. Hostels cost as little as $10 USD a night even during the peak tourist season, however, be forewarned that Eastern Europe may not be the best area to travel alone, especially if you are a backpacking female.
2.       Sofia (Bulgaria)
Again, this is another area in the world that is probably not the wisest area to travel alone in, but it's still dirt cheap nonetheless. The majority of hostels are in the $10 to 15 USD range, which is a fraction of the cost of a hostel in cities like Barcelona, Amsterdam or Paris.
3.       Istanbul (Turkey)
Travellers have nothing but great things to say about travelling to Turkey, not only because the culture is extremely unique but because the cost of travelling in Istanbul is fairly cheap as well. Some hostels cost as little as $7 USD per night, but the majority of top-rated hostels cost $10 per night, making Istanbul well worth the time if you're running out of funds during your trip.
4.       Budapest (Hungary)
Sure it's a little out of the way but hostel costs in Budapest range between $5 to $10 USD a night, and most of which are considered to be some of the best in Central Europe.
5.       Prague (Czech Republic)
As long as you avoid the touristy areas of this popular Central European city and you know where to find cheap hostels, you may end up paying as little as $7 USD a night just to stay in this "city of fairy tales."
6.       Krakow (Poland)
If you're hoping to check out Auschwitz during your travels, or even if you have a fascination with Polish culture and architecture, hostels in Krakow can cost as little as $5 USD, even for a private room!
7.       Edinburgh (Scotland)
Sure the United Kingdom can be extremely expensive, especially if you're visiting cities like London, Brighton or Bath. But after an eight hour drive up north you will start to see prices drop down to as little as $7 to $10 USD a night to stay in Scotland's capital city; (and the costs are relatively the same in Glasgow as well).
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