Change Is On The Way

A couple things are going on in my life that are about to change. I'm not too excited about either one, and both changes are out of my control.
One is the Florida State Budget that our new criminal governor Rick Scott is proposing will mean possibly a 5% pay cut (for pension contributions) for both DH and I, or our jobs could be eliminated in the 8% state worker reduction. Hopefully we're not one, or two of the 8700 out of 655,000 workers let go to help "balance the budget". There are a host of other proposals that affect our retirement but that's not my immediate concern since I'm a long way off from retiring (I hope). The sad thing is that the monetary compensation is so low for some staff that a 5% pay cut will put them below the Federal Poverty Guidelines and they'll be eligible for food stamps and other assistance (which will increase demand on state services). I'm hoping some genius in the math department of some University sues the State citing discrimination for these proposals and they get rejected. It happened before HERE.
Anyway, the other change that is coming is the upgrade of the Publix check out registers so they are more defined in coupon acceptance. It has been likened to Target registers, which are such a pain that most serious couponers won't shop there. From some comments on the web in forums, it appears some stores have already made the change. This change will create chaos at the registers when people use coupons that were previously okay to use, but now are refused by the machine. There will be a lot more "go backs" (abandoned carts that staff have to put back product on the shelves) from frustrated shoppers who just walk out. Granted this change will cut back fraudulent coupon use, and the smash and grabbers who clear the shelves of good deals, but it will mean more money comes out of my pocket because I'll be denied using as many coupons as possible.
Now, I know that these changes probably do not affect you, and you make be thinking they are minor and trivial and that there is nothing to do but just deal with it. I usually don't have drama in my life but these impending changes are stressin' me out. I need to deal with it. But How? How do you deal with things you just have to accept and have no input into, and they affect you daily?
Find out tomorrow with my 10 Tips to Handle Change.
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