Publix Sneak Peek Weekly Ad and BOGO's 2/3/11 - 2/9/11

For the second week in a row we get the early sneak peek, I'm not even ready to shop for this week! Anyway, here are the BOGO's (no matchups yet) but I can see some deals already, along with the Phazyme, Vivarin, Sominex moneymakers starting on Saturday with the new Green Advantage Buy Flyer.

Bull’s-Eye Barbecue Sauce, 17.5-18 oz bot., BOGO $2.24
$1.00/3 Kraft Participating Products, Any (2): Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce, Kraft Mayo, Kraft Deluxe Mac & Cheese, A.1. Steak Sauce, Kraft BBQ Sauce, Miracle Whip Dressing, Velveeta Shells & Cheese -Tearpad
$0.75/1 Bull's-Eye Barbecue Sauce, Any - Tearpad

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, 16oz pkg., BOGO Surprisingly Low Price

Medium Shrimp Ring, 12oz, Sauce 6oz, 18oz pkg., BOGO $12.99

12 Pack Selected Pepsi Products, 12oz can, BOGO $4.99

Lay’s Potato Chips, 10.5 oz – 11oz bag, BOGO $3.99

Honest Kids Thirst Quenchers, 8 pouches, 6.75oz box, BOGO $3.49
$0.75/1 Honest Kids Carton Rolling
Lloyd’s Meats in BBQ Sauce, 18oz tub, BOGO $5.49
$1/1 Lloyd's Barbeque Product 1/30/2011 SS

Margaritaville Shrimp, 8-10oz pkg., BOGO $7.99
$1/1 Margarita Shrimp any, Sweetbay Inspirations Booklet

T. Marzetti’s Dip, 12-15.5oz cont., BOGO $3.49
$1/1 Marzetti Dip1/30/2011 SS

$0.60/1 Marzetti Veggie Dip 1/30/2011 SS
$0.50/1 or $1/1 or .60/1 Marzetti Veggie Dip 11/14/2010 SS
$1/1 Marzetti Veggie Dip Rolling
$0.75/1 Marzetti Veggie Dip All You Dec 2010

Carroll Shelby’s Chili Kit, 3-4oz box, BOGO $2.19

Publix Deli Tea, 1 gal, BOGO $2.39

Publix Deli Salsa, 16oz pkg., BOGO $3.39

Pompeian Imported Olive Oil, Extra Light or Classic Mediterranean, 16oz bot., BOGO $5.99
$1.00/1 Pompeian Olive Oil, Any - Powered By Smartsource

Pace Chunky Salsa, 16oz jar (excluding Pace 4 Cheese Queso), BOGO $2.79
$0.50/2 Pace Salsa Or Queso Jar, 15 Oz. +, Any - 01-30-11 RP

Kraft Mayo Mayonnaise, or Miracle Whip Dressing, 30oz jar, BOGO $5.07
$0.75/1 Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo 1/23/2011 SS (if included)
$0.50/1 Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip TARGET (exp 2/15/2011

Mt. Olive Pickles, 16-46oz jar, or Pickle or Jalapeno Pepper Slices Pak, 4-pk. 3.7oz cont., BOGO $2.79
$0.50/1 or $1/1 Mt. Olive Pickles, Peppers or Relish Product, any - 01-30-11 SS
$1.00/2 Hangtag

Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats Cereal, 15.8-20.4 oz box, or Unfrosted 18 oz, BOGO $4.31
$1/3 Kellogg's Cereals 1/9/2011 RP

Kellogg’s Nutri -Grain Bars, 7.8-10.8oz box, BOGO

$1/3 Welch's 100% Juice or 100% Blend (10oz 6pack or 64oz, any flavor) WYB any (2) pkgs of Kellogg's Nutri-Grain Cereal Bars (6ct or larger, any flavor, mix or match) Tearpad

Gia Russa Pasta Sauce, 15 or 24oz jar, BOGO $5.79

Barilla Pasta, 13.25-16oz box (excluding Barilla Plus and Lasagna), BOGO $1.43
$1/2 or .75/2 or .55/1 Barilla Plust Pasta 1/9/2011 SS

Knorr Sides, 3.8-6.4oz pouch (excluding Sides Plus), BOGO $1.53
$0.50/2 Knorr Rice and Pasta Sides 1/30/2011 RP

Krusteaz Muffin or Cake Mix, or Supreme Bar Mix, 16.5-21 oz box. Or Sun-Maid Muffin or Cookie Mix, 18-18.25oz box, BOGO $2.59
$0.50/1 Krusteaz Muffin Mix 12/5/2010 SS

Mott’s 100% Apple Juice, or Mott’s for Tots, or Mott’s Plus, 64oz bot., BOGO $3.335

Rotel Diced Tomatoes, 10oz can, BOGO $1.39
$0.75/3 Rotel Diced Tomatoes Publix Q - Yellow Adv Flyer
$0.30/1 Rotel Diced Tomatoes 1/23/2011 SS
B3G1 Rotel All You Jan 2011

Del Monte Tomatoes, 14.5 oz can, BOGO $1.57

M&M’s Chocolate Candies, or Snickers Minis, Minis mix, or Fun Size Variety Bag, 30-42oz bag, BOGO $9.99
$1.50/2 M&M's Candies, Snickers or Twix Minis 1/23/2011 RP
$1/3 Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Snickers, TARGET (exp 2/14/2011)

Nabisco Crackers, or Wheat Thins Stix, 5.5-10oz box, BOGO $3.49
$1/2 Nabisco Crackers 1/30/2011 SS
$1/2 Nabisco Crackers TARGET coupon (exp 2/28/2011)

Planters Peanuts, Dry Roasted 16oz jar, or Cocktail Peanuts 16oz can, BOGO $3.29
$1/1 Planters NUTrition Can or Multi-Pack 1/2/2011 SS (if included)
$0.75/1 Planters Nuts TARGET coupon (exp 2/28/2011)
$1/1 Planters Nuts TARGET coupon (exp 2/15/2011)

Keebler Chips Deluxe Cookies or Sandies Shortbread, 14.5-18oz bag, BOGO $4.05

Arnold Select Hot Dog Rolls, 8ct. 14-16oz pkg., BOGO $2.99

Cheez-It Baked Snack Crackers, 9.75-14oz box, BOGO $4.09
$1/2 Keebler Crackers or Sunshine Cheez-its 1/30/2011 RP

Thomas’ English Muffins, 11-13oz pkg, BOGO $3.69

Breakstone’s Sour Cream, 16oz cup, BOGO $2.03

Kraft Velveeta Cheese, 16oz box., BOGO $3.97
$0.50/1 Kraft Velveeta Cheese TARGET coupon (exp 2/26/2011)

SeaPak Shrimp Co. Shrimp or Fish or Crab Cakes, 8-28oz box, BOGO $7.59
$1/1 Seapak Popcorn Fish 1/30/2011 SS

Hungry Man Dinners, 13.1-17oz box, BOGO $3.71

TGI Friday’s Frozen Snacks, 7.6-11oz box (excluding Poppers and Loaded Varieties), BOGO $3.51

Edy’s Ice Cream, 1.5qt, BOGO $5.97

Klondike or Slim-a-bear Ice Cream Treats, 16-27oz box, BOGO $4.11

Pepperidge Farm Three Layer Cake, 19-19.6oz box, BOGO $4.13

Hefty EZ Foil Pans, 1 or 2 ct. pkg., BOGO $1.99

Dixie Plates or Bowls, 20-48ct pkg., BOGO $3.03

9Lives Cat Food, 3.15-3.5 lb bag, BOGO $3.89
$1/1 9Lives Dry Cat Food All You Nov 2010

Dial Bath Bar Soap, 3ct 4oz pkg., BOGO $2.23

Lysol Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner, 40oz bot., BOGO $3.19

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, 56-80ct. cnstr., BOGO $4.99


Decorated Cupcakes, 12 ct. 24oz pkg., $6.99

Cornbread, 15oz size, $3.99

Assorted Hoagie Rolls, 4-ct, 11 oz pkg., $2.19

French Hamburger Buns, 8-ct. 16oz pkg, $2.49

Multigrain Bread, 16oz loaf, $2.99

Ciabatta Loaf, 16oz pkg., $3.99

Decorated Football cake, 24oz, $6.99

Two Dozen Cookies, 16oz pkg., 2/$5

Cinnamon Nut Coffee Cake, 11oz, $4.49

Strawberry Cheese Strudel, $4.29


Horizon Organic American Singles, 8oz pkg., 2/$6
$1/1 Horizon Product Rolling - Must Be New Account!

Kraft Shredded Cheese, or Cubes, Cracker Cut, or Chunk, 4.5-9.6oz pkg., 2/$4
$0.75/1 Kraft Cheese 1/23/2011 SS
$1/2 Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese 1/23/2011 SS
$1.25/2 Kraft Shredded or Block Cheese TARGET coupon (exp 2/28/2011)
$1/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese with Philadelphia Rolling
$0.50/1 Kraft Shredded Cheese with Philadelphia Rolling

Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt, 4-ct. 4oz cup, 2/$7
$0.50/1 Stonyfield Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt Rolling

Dannon Yogurt, 6oz cup, 20/$10
$0.40/6 Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt 1/30/2011 SS
$1/10 Dannon Cups or TWO 16-32 oz Products 1/23/2011 SS
$0.40/1 Dannon Light & Fit 1/2/2011 SS

Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough, 16-16.5oz pkg., 2/$5
$1/1 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough 1/30/2011 RP
$0.75/1 Nestle Refrigerated Cookie or Brownie Dough Rolling
$1/1 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough Rolling

Classen Pickles or Spears or Crisp Sauerkraut, 20-32oz jar, 2/$4

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8oz pkg., 4/$5
$0.50/2 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese TARGET (exp 2/28/2011)
$0.50/2 Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese Rolling

Land o Lakes Sweet Cream Butter, 16oz box, 2/$6

Kraft Cracker Barrel Natrual Cheese Slices, 7 or 8oz pkg., 2/$4

Kraft American Cheese Singles, 12oz pkg., 2/$5
$0.75/1 Kraft 2% or Fat Free Cheese Singles 1/9/2011 SS
$1/2 Kraft Deli Deluxe or Singles TARGET coupon (exp 2/28/2011)
$1/2 Kraft Sandwich Cheese TARGET coupon (exp 2/28/2011)
$1/1 Kraft 2% Singles (IE) Rolling


Boar’s Head Ovengold Breast of Turkey, $7.99/lb

Publix Deli Ultimate Whole Sub, $4.99

Margaritaville Tortilla Chips, 6oz bag, 3/$5

Sabra Hummas, 4pk. 2 oz cup or 10 oz pkg., 2/$5

Publix Deli Wing Sampler Platter, Serves 8-12, 92 oz tray, $23.99

Publix Deli Chicken Tenders, $5.99/lb

Publix Medium Los Cubanitos Platter, Serves 16-20, 80oz tray, $24.99

Publix Deli Medium Nibbler Platter, Serves 16-20, 72oz tray, $29.99


DiGiorno Pizza, 12.6-36.8oz box, $5.00

PF Chang’s Home Menu Perfect for Two Meal, 22oz pkg., $6.99

Stouffer’s Sautes for Two Skillet Meals, 23-24oz bag, $4.99

Shaw’s Lobster Mac-n-cheese, 18oz box., $6.99

Lean, Hot, or Croissant Pockets, 6.5-9oz pkg., 3/$5

Zatarain’s Frozen Entrees, 10-12oz box, $2.49

Alexia All Natural Frozen Snacks, 7.7-8oz box, 2/$6
$1/1 Alexia Frozen Product Rolling

Amy’s Light and Lean Frozen Entrees, 8oz pkg., 2/$6


Publix GreenWise Market Paper Napkins, 250ct pkg., $1.79

Swiffer Sweeper Cloths Refills, 6-32 ct. box, or Extendable Handle Duster, 3 ct. box, $7.29
$0.50/1 Swiffer Refill or Dust & Shine 1/30/2011 PG

Publix Long Lasting Alkaline Batteries, 2-10ct. pkg., $4.49

Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, 12-in wide, 35-75sq ft., $2.99
$1/1 Reynolds Wrap Foil 1/30/2011 SS

Kingsford Match Light Charcoal Briquets, 12.5lb bag, $7.99
$1/1 Kingsford Match Light Charcoal Briquets Rolling

Dixie Napkins, 200ct pkg., 2/$4

Bounty Giant Paper Towels, 8 roll, $9.99
$0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins 1/30/2011 PG
$1/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins 9/1/2010 P&G MIR Savings Booklet

Charmin Bathroom Tissue, Mega 9 roll pkg, or Double 18 roll pkg., $9.99
$0.25/1 Charmin Product 1/30/2011 PG

Wisk 2X Ultra Laundry Detergent, 100oz bot., $8.99
$2/1 Wisk Laundry Detergent 1/2/2011 SS

Clorox2 Stain Fighter and Color Booster, 45.4oz bot., $5.99
$1.50/1 Clorox 2 Product Rolling

Lysol Disinfectant spray, 19oz can, $3.99
$1/2 Lysol Disinfectant Spray Rolling

Cloroz Clean-Up Cleaner, 32oz bot, or Disinfecting Bathroom Cleaner, 30oz bot., 2/$5

Depend Protective Underwear, 14-20ct pkg. or Pads 48ct pkg., or Poise Pads 30-72ct pkg., $10.99
$1/1 Depends Guards for Men 1/9/2011 SS (if included)
$2/1 Depends Underwear in Prints and Colors 1/9/2011 SS (if included)
$2/1 Depends Underwear in Colors 12/12/2010 SS (if included)

Gerber 2nd Foods, 2pk 3.5oz cont (Excluding organic and DHA varieties), 10/$9

Pampers Diapers, 48-96ct box, $19.99
$3/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants AND Wipes 1/30/2011 PG

Gerber Graduates Lil Entrees or Healthy Meals, 5.3-6.6oz box, 3/$5


Fresh Attitude Salad, 5oz pkg., 2/$4

Navel Oranges, $0.99/lb

Peaches or Nectarines, $2.49/lb

Blueberries, or Blackberries, 12oz or 1pt pkg., $2.99

Red Seedless Grapes, $1.69/lb

Publix Premium Orange Juice or Ruby Red Grapefruit, 64oz ctn., 25% off

Vegetable and Dip Party Tray, 31oz pkg., 8.99- 40oz pkg. 10.99

Fruit Salad, $2.49/lb

Cantaloupes, 2/$4

Hass Avocadoes, 5/$5

Sweet Onions, $0.99/lb

Grape Tomatoes, 1pt pkg., 2/$4

Publix Baby Cut and Peeled Carrots, 16oz bag, $1.29

Publix Peanut Butter Pretzels, 17.28oz pkg., 2/$6

Wonderful Pistachios, 16oz cont., $6.99
$1/1 Wonderful Pistachios 11/21/2010 SS
$1/1 Wonderful Pistachios Rolling


Pedeigree Complete Nutrition Dog Food, 30-32lb bag, $16.99
$2/1 Pedigree Food For Dogs 1/23/2011 RP
$2/1 Pedigree Food for Dogs Rolling

Milk-bone Dog Biscuits or Snacks, 22-26oz pkg., 2/$5
$1.50/2 Milk-Bone Dog Snacks 12/12/2010 RP


Publix GreenWise Market Tortilla Chips, 8oz bag, 2/$4

Publix GreenWise Market Organic Salsa, 15.5oz jar, 2/$5

Maxwell House Ground Coffee, 31.5-34.5oz can, $6.99
$0.55/1 Maxwell House Instant Coffee Rolling

Maxwell House 100% Colombian or Decaffeinated Coffee, 31.5-33oz can, $7.99
$0.55/1 Maxwell House Instant Coffee Rolling

Heinz Tomato Ketchup, 32 or 36oz bot., 2/$4

Campbell’s Condensed Soup or Soup at hand, 10.5-11.5oz can or 10.75oz cup, or Ready to Serve Bowl, 15.4oz bowl (excluding Won Ton, Cream of Shrimp, and Oyster Stew), 10/$10
$0.25/4 Campbell's Condensed Soups 1/9/2011 SS
$0.50/3 Campbell's Healthy Request Soups 1/2/2011 SS
$0.40/3 Campbell's Condensed Soup 1/2/2011 SS
$0.40/2 Campbell's Condensed Soups 12/12/2010 SS
$1/4 Campbell's Condensed Great for Cooking Soups Rolling

Gatorade Thirst Quencher, 64oz bot., 3/$5

Assorted Publix Soft Drinks, 2L bot., 10/$5

Zephyrhills Spring Water, 24pk. .5L bot., $3.99
$1/1 Zephyrhills Brand 100% Natural Spring Water Rolling

8-Pack selected Pepsi Products, 12oz bot., 3/$10

Snapple Tea, 6pk 16oz bot., B2G1
$1/1 Snapple 1/30/2011 SS

Tostitos Tortilla Chips, Family Size, 14.5oz-18oz bag, 2/$7
$0.55/1 Tostitos Chips 1/30/2011 SS
$1/1 Tostitos Dip wyb 2 Tostitos Chips TARGET (exp 2/28/2011)

Gatorade Thirst Quencher, 6pk. 12oz bot. or 128oz bot., 2/$6


Garnier Fructis Hair Products, 3-13oz pkg., (Excluding Anti-Dandruff, 13 oz), $2.99
$2.50/1 Garnier Ultra-Lift Moisturizer (IE) Rolling
$1/1 Garnier Fructis Style Product (IE) Rolling
$1/1 Garnier Style Product (exp 2/2/2011)

Garnier Fructis, 25.4oz bot., $4.99
$1/1 Garnier Cleanser or Moisturizer 1/9/2011 RP Insert
$1/1 Garnier Fructis Hair Products (exp 2/2/2011)
$1/1 Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment (exp 2/2/2011)

Just For Men Hair Color, each, $5.99

Opti-Free Replenish Disinfecting Solution, Twin Pack, $12.99
$4/1 Opti-Free Replenish Twin Pack 1/16/2011 SS
$1/1 Opti-Free Replenish or Express TARGET coupon (exp 2/26/2011)
$1/1 Opti-Free Replenish Solution (exp 2/2/2011)

Cortizone-10 Ointment or Creme or Gel, 1oz pkg., $3.99
$1/1 Cortizone-10 Product 11/21/2010 SS
$1/1 Cortizone-10 Product (exp 2/2/2011)
$1/1 Cortizone-10 Item Rolling

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash, 1L bot, $3.99
$0.50/1 Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash 10/10/2010 RP
$3/3 or $1.50/2 Listerine, Reach Toothbrush AND Floss 1/9/2011 SS
$1/1 Listerine Smart Rinse Anticavity Mouthwash or Listerine Agent Cool Blue Tinting Rinse 500mL or Reach Kids Toothbrush 1/9/2011 SS
$1/1 Listerine Mouthwash Rolling

Advil Congestion Relief, 10ct box, $4.99
$2/1 Advil Congestion Relief product 1/30/2011 RP
$2/1 Advil Medications Various Rolling
$1/1 Advil Congestion Relief Rolling

Caltrate Calcium Dietary Supplement, 60-200ct pkg., 25% off

Kraft south beach Living crispy Meal Bars, 6ct box, 2/$9


Pork Spare Ribs, $1.79/lb

Boston Butt Roast, $1.99/lb

Split Chicken Breast, $1.79/lb

Publix Spiral-Sliced Ham Half, $1.99/lb

Lamb Leg Shank Portion, $3.99/lb

Ground Sirloin, $3.99/lb

Publix Greenwise Market New York Strip Steaks, $8.99/lb

Boneless Shoulder Roast, $3.69/lb

Boneless Shoulder Steaks, $3.99/lb

Eye Round Roast, $3.69/lb

Eye Round Steaks, $3.99/lb

Chuck Short Ribs, $4.99/lb

Publix Fresh Ground Turkey, $2.49/lb

Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks, $6.99/lb

Johnsonville Italian Sausage or Bratwurst, 19.76oz pkg., $3.99
$1/2 Johnsonville Sausage 1/23/2011 SS
$0.55/1 Johnsonville Smoked or Cooked Sausage Rolling

Bubba Burger Burgers, 32oz box, $6.99

Jimmy Dean Pork Sausage Roll, 12 or 16oz pkg., 2/$6
$1/2 Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls 1/30/2011 RP (if included)
$1/1n Jimmy Dean Hearty Sausage Crumbles (exp 2/2/2011)

Publix Naturally Hickory Smoked Bacon, 12oz pkg., 2/$7

Publix Extra Thin-Sliced Lunch Meats, 9oz tub, 2/$6

Hillshire Farm Sausage, or Polska Kielbasa, or CheddarWurst, 14-16oz pkg., 2/$5
$0.75/2 or $1/2 Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage 1/23/2011 RP


Extra Large White Shirmp, 21-25 per lb, $6.99/lb

Sau-Sea Cocktail Sauce, 8 oz pkg., BOGO

Fresh Tilapia Fillets, $6.39/lb

Fresh Mahi Fillets, 5.6oz each, $6.99

Publix Haddock Loins, 10 oz pkg., $5.99

Captain’s Choice Small Shrimp Platter, 44oz pkg., $29.99

Captain’s Choice Medium Shrimp Platter, 64oz pkg., $39.99

Captain’s Choice Large Shrimp Platter, 104oz pkg., $69.99


$2.00 off any Huggies Diapers, Supreme, Snug & Dry, Pull-Ups or GoodNites, 21-96ct.
$1.50/1 Huggies Diapers 1/23/2011 SS
$2/1 Huggies Little Snugglers or Little Movers 1/23/2011 SS
$2/1 Huggies Pull Ups 1/23/2011 SS
$1.50/1 Huggies Snug and Dry Diapers (exp 2/2/2011)
$3/2 Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers (exp 2/10/2011)
$2/1 Huggies Pull-Ups Training Pants Rolling
$3/2 Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers (exp 2/2/2011)
$3/1 Snug and Dry

$10.00 off A $20.00 or more Publix Deli Platter (With $15 purchase of Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Stacy’s or Gatorade Products)  
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