Garage Sale Jitters

The week is winding down and I'm still rummaging through closets and storage areas finding stuff for my very first upcoming yard sale on Saturday, that I first mentioned HERE. It seems like the more you look, the more junk is revealed. I am seriously wanting to minimize and get rid of almost everything. There are some great blogs out there about being minimalist (like and it sure seems like life would be easier to just get rid of crap you don't use.
So, that's my hope. To get rid of crap. In case you're interested in seeing the type of crap I'm trying to sell, check out my Picasa photos HERE. I posted a bunch of them for sale in the local craigslist encouraging people to stop by the sale to get this stuff. I have two trucks full of stuff and product. My big fear is that no one will want to get out on a chilly Saturday morning and find our little corner of the world to buy this stuff. And I'll have to take it home and find another place for it. I don't want to bring it home, so some great bargaining will be had.
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