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Swag Bucks Swagstakes Tip

Even though I've been signed up with Swagbucks for over a year now, I didn't realize until just this week all the cool things you can get by entering swagstakes. As you know there are lots of ways to get swagbucks and sometimes the swag codes we get are for "sister sites" and can't be redeemed for all the usual stuff in the swag store. At first I didn't realize these sister swag codes couldn't be used for Amazon gift cards and I would gather them up, as they are quite plentiful. But, it was annoying to calculate how many "real" swagbucks I had and when I could redeem them for my favorite swag, the Amazon gift card.
But yesterday at the slickdeals.net swagbuck forum (where a lot of codes are posted) a discussion on these sister codes helped me learn that these sister swag codes can be redeemed for Swagstakes which are drawings where you can get entries using your sister swag points. So, the best thing to do if you've gathered these and want to redeem them is to use them for swagstakes right after you've redeemed your "real" swagbucks for some swag. This way, you won't use your real swagbucks for swagstakes entries. You don't really want to use real swagbucks for swagstakes because you can use them for more valuable exchanges at the swag store.
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