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Hurry! Print Your Kanes Strike Out Certificate Now

It was a late game last night against the MN Twins, with the storms causing a power outage - delaying the start. And then all those extra innings to break the tie, but our Rays couldn't quite get the win. But, once again the Rays got 10 strikeouts. And we know what that means - Free Pizza!
Go to http://www.kanesstrikeoutcontest.com/ and fill out the form and print TODAY before the afternoon game starts! I suspect they'll get 10 strikeouts again this afternoon, so hold onto your certificate and turn in a couple at once at your nearest http://www.kanes.com/ within 3 days of the game for a Free 10" cheese pizza at Papa Johns.
The loss to the Twins puts them back into a tie for first place in the standings, those pesky Yankees jst won't go away.
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