Well this weekend I'm in Darlington, SC at the NASCAR races so I'm surfing via unsecured internet and via my Sprint cell phone as a modem. Y'all who travel and try to stay connected know the difficulty of trying to upload 2MB photos over a 115 kbps cell phone connnection. It doesn't really work. I know I need to upgrade my cell phone - its the same one I've had since 2006. I'm just so darn afraid of them switching me off my wonderful SERO plan for $30/month for unlimited everything. So, I hang on to the old phone.

Anyway, all you new Friday Followers, I'm trying to check out your blogs and follow and stuff but have to admit my laptop is even older (2005 Inspiron 700m), and maybe is contributing to my troubles. I doubt it though because this little baby is AWESOME (I hear so many people say that these days - like AHHH summmmmm).

What I'm trying to say is, don't give up on me - I'll be back in the saddle on Monday.

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