Gassing Up

Did you get your BP gas card at Publix this week yet? I hope so, cause if you didn't you might not get one because they are scarce now in Tampa.
Yesterday was the most beautiful day of the year and we spent in motorcycling around town with my pocket full of coupons to get the $50 BP gas card for $40. That's a 20% savings on gas! The close stores in our neighborhood were out of cards on Friday, and many others we checked were also out. We did luck out and using our matchups for Buddig meat (free), Swiffer refills and starter kits (0.69), All laundry detergent (0.99), Contessa meals (1.99) we ended up getting $500 in gas cards that only cost of $400. We'll have enough gas prepaid now for many, many months.
If you are unable to find the deal, I would save some coupons from this weeks ad because the last time this fiasco happened, Publix honored the coupon for another week since they were out of stock during the sale.
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