Publix Pays

I'm not sure exactly how to report my latest shopping trip, but I think I got paid to shop at Publix. I bought the usual salad fixin's and some BOGO items with matching coupons to make them really cheap. The money makers were the knox gelation (4) and some shedds country crock (2). I did happen to have two $5 off $50 Publix coupons I could use since the total was over $100, and the free milk gallon with $100 purchase coupon, plus an $8 walgreens register rewards coupon. The unique thing was the sale this week on American Express $50 gift card get a free $10 Publix gift card. There was a $4.95 activation fee on the AMEX card, so it was only a $5 money maker.  Well, at the end of the transaction, I paid $39 and walked away with a cart full of groceries and $60 in gift cards. So, I think they paid me $21 to take away my groceries.
I did the same thing today saved $51, spent $39 and walked away with a bag of groceries and $60 in gift cards. I used the Amex card from yesterday to pay so no OOP from my wallet. Now I have $80 in gift cards remaining, and my OOP was $39 from the initial shop. So $41 of it is profit.
Now I'll be able to pay for my groceries for about 2 or 3 months with those gift cards. It's absolutely amazing that this is legit. I can't believe more people aren't doing it. It's funny sometimes in the store, I'm behind someone in line and see all the food they're getting where they could have used coupons, and then they pay over $100 or $200. I just shake my head.
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