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FL Offer - Free MP3 Player from Kane's Tonight Only

Saw this in the St Pete Times newspaper this morning, inside the front section. Kane's Furniture is giving away a free MP3 player from 6pm to midnight TODAY ONLY to 5,000 winners, no purchase necessary. If you have a FL Drivers License number that contains a one (1) or zero (0), you're eligible to win a free MP3 player. DH and I both have DL's that end in zero, so we're going to stop by this evening and pick up our MP3 players.
Luckily, we live right by a Kane's. There are not very many locations, so the chances of getting the player is probably pretty good, Plus its not mentioned in the website, just the full page ad in the newspaper. It has a picture of the free player and the brand is COBY. It looks like a flash drive, silver and black. No mention on the size, hope it holds more than 128 MB or something silly like that.
Good Luck
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