What's Up Wednesday

Well I'm drawing a blank on topics that are great and interesting, and unique. I could post all the deals like all the other bloggers but you've read them and deleted them all day long - freezer bag, photo cards, home depot, etc... So I'm just going to share with you a typical frugal day. To truly live a frugal lifestyle, its about "laying the track" so that you're ready for the train. When there's a deal at a store and you've saved your inserts, you've laid the track and are ready to just clip and shop. That's how I do it. I don't cut until I'm ready for the deal, that way I can find the right coupons. Sometimes I have coupons cut and in my shopping envelope, but if I don't use them they can get misplaced. I like to just carry what I need, plus a few extra sets like phazyme, bayer or knox for overages.
Anyway, here's just some frugal activities I do while at work (shame on me) to prepare and take advantage of cheap, free or good deals.
  • check my email for coupons, click on mypoints.
  • click my swagbucks account to get some points, I have a couple words I search and win on everyday. I do it at work and then later at home, same words and get points to convert into Amazon gift cards. Some referrals would be great, but I'm not really getting much in that way.
  • Check www.marketforce.com which is secret shopper service to see if they have any shops available I want to do, such as Five Guys.Yum
  • Click on some sweepstakes that I think might have good odds, these are bookmarked in my google reader.
  • Read feeds on my google reader for any deals I need.
  • Print some coupons
  • Update my shopping worksheet in preparation for shopping. Which by the way I am super excited to shop at Publix tomorrow. My plan is to spend $10.18 to get $224.18 worth of products for a 95% savings rate. I'm going to have to split the cart into two purchases so my DH can get his own 24pk of free publix water too. I think I might even take a picture of the shop and post my spreadsheet, so be sure to check back to see how I did it.
  • I cut out more coupons when I got home.
  • Ate from the pantry which is going well, down to only 2 boxes of Seasations fish fillets left, and 2 starbucks ice cream. Remember those deals?? Yeah, I stocked up. At the end of the month I'll post the starting and finishing count of eating out of the pantry, at least the fridge and freezer. Right now my entire kitchen is stored in paper boxes as we get set to install new cabinets next week.
Well thats about it, I'm sure you do lots of frugal "laying the track" activities each day to live your frugal life. Keep it up.
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