Kitchen Smitchen


I don't really know what smitchen is, but it rhymes with kitchen. Dear stayed home from work on Tuesday to accept the delivery of our new American Woodmark (have I ever said how much I like that companies service and quality??) kitchen cabinets. We got 26 different items in 11 boxes and they are scattered all over our house. Poor dog has her place moved and its like walking in a forest of boxes for her. The color is a little darker than the bathroom cabinets, not quite the cinnamon hue, more muddy looking. But that actually will allow us to get a new color paint for the walls that is a neutral color instead of the current yellow shade. It doesn't clash with tans, browns, greens like the cinnamon does. If you want to look at all the remodel pictures so far.
We're due to get our appliances picked up from Sears anytime after Friday, so we'll probably get them Saturday. I want to cut away a little more of the old counter top so we can actually hook up the range and use the cooktop and oven until the handyman can work us it. He is slammed now with a ton of jobs, so we're just having to wait in line for our turn. We'll have to figure out how to wire in a 3 or 4 prong range plug, and then buy a range cord and connect it. The other one was hard wired in, but it doesn't appear very safe. We have 50 year old original copper wires in the kitchen and some of the outlets aren't even in conduit boxes. We're lucky we never burned down.
So this weekend we'll get the appliances, hook up the microwave and range, hopefully pick out a nice paint color, and maybe start painting. It'll be a lot easier to do the ceiling and high walls with out new cabinets and appliances in the way. Too bad we weren't on the ball and didn't get the Glidden Paint rebate last weekend.
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