How to Get a 10% off Lowes Coupon Immediately

I need to shop at Home Depot to get some stuff for the kitchen remodel and found this way to get a 10% off Lowes coupon right NOW (thanks slickdeals), instead of waiting a couple days for the email. Plus I've run out of addresses to apply for the coupon. But this works if you're in that same situation, or if you just need a coupon. It will work at Lowes only once because they do scan the barcode, but copies of it will work at Home Depot. It doesn't expire for 45 days.
1. Go HERE
2. Then select your state on the map...
3. Scroll down the page on the left side a little past half way, and under Sponsored Partner Links click on the ad "Save 10% At Lowe's to renovate your foreclosed property."
4. Enter your info...
5. They immediately give you a coupon to print (coupon includes the name and address you entered).
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